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Tie dyed yoga towel

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Size: 183*63cm(72*25inch) or custom
Design: 6 ready design or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  5.71$
Min. order:  100

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Tie-dye yoga towel is used for yoga practice. It sits on a yoga mat, anti-slip, comfortable and sweat-wicking.

1. Lay it on the yoga mat to absorb sweat. (You should know that when doing yoga, the body will discharge a lot of sweat and drop it on the yoga mat, causing uncomfortable adhesion. At this time, you can use this super absorbent towel to spread it on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat)
2. Prevent bacteria on the yoga mat from being inhaled. During yoga, when some facial movements are close to the yoga mat, prevent bacteria or dust mites from being inhaled.
3. The special capillary adsorption of superfine fiber makes the fabric have the characteristics of rapid water absorption and drying.
4. There are anti-skid rubber particles on the back, which can fix the towel on the mat without sliding, effectively assisting the stretching and balance of yoga,
Improve sports safety and comfort. In the process of exercise, the concave-convex of rubber particles has a good massage effect on the sole and back, and promotes blood circulation.
5. Light weight, multi-purpose, easy to carry.
6. Machine washable and easy to clean.

Is it necessary to use yoga towel?

Many yoga lovers spread yoga towels on the mat when practicing yoga, so that our body can avoid direct contact with the mat.
Put a towel on the yoga mat (remember, when you do yoga, your body will shed a lot of sweat, which will fall on the mat, causing uncomfortable sticky sweat. Then you can use this super absorbent towel on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat; prevent the absorption of bacteria on the yoga mat, and prevent bacteria or dust mites from being inhaled from some facial movements near the mat during yoga). However, yoga mat is not easy to clean, and yoga towel is also easy to clean and carry, so yoga practice is essential!

The function of yoga towel

It can prevent sweat from dropping directly on the mat, absorb and block sweat. Sweat dripping on the mat for a long time will cause physical discomfort, corrode the mat and affect its service life.
The microfiber material has the adsorption function, which can absorb sweat and breath, isolate and prevent dirt and bacteria on the yoga mat. It is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, and can avoid allergy due to contact with the upper part of the yoga mat.
Unique anti-skid particles increase friction, improve safety and comfort. The unique gel particles on the bath towel are concave and convex, which has a good massage effect on the soles of feet and back, and promotes blood circulation.





Product:Yoga towel
Package:Mesh bag
Dot:PVC Dot
Design:6 ready design
Feature:Anti slip / quick dry / comfortable


Machine Wash Non
Decolorization of Reactive Dyeing

Free round mesh bag for each yoga towel