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Golf Club Cover

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Min. order:  5

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The law of golf club protection! How much do you know?
Players who often play golf always complain that their clubs wear out too fast. However, in addition to the normal wear and tear in the daily use process, the lack of protection at ordinary times will also accelerate the wear and tear of clubs. So, how much do you know about the protection of clubs?
The golf club cover can hide your expensive golf club from prying, while using top materials to protect it from damage – even harmful ultraviolet rays.
Before closing in winter
Some people have had the experience of waxing their leather clothes and putting them into the wardrobe when the weather gets warmer. In fact, the golf club also needs careful care. The irons in all clubs take a relatively long time. The cleaning of the grooves on the surface of each iron bar is very important. It is easy to accumulate sediment and grass in the grooves when the ball comes down. Even in the driving range, the grooves will also accumulate a lot of the skin of the practice ball. Although caddies can clean it, it is not reliable to trust others after all. These impurities have a great impact on the grooves, especially for special irons, After all, the special iron is fed by the groove.
Solution: Wipe the rod head with a towel to remove dust, and use objects with sharp tips (such as cotton swabs) to remove the mud in the groove. One thing to remember is that don’t use metal objects to remove it, because it will scratch off the coating of the rod head, which will easily rust the rod head over time.
During playing
When the caddies arrive at the departure station, the first thing they do is to take off all the club head covers to make it easy to take off each time. It doesn’t matter whether the No. 1 wood or the fairway wood. The club cover of the putter must not be taken off. This laziness is unavoidable. After all, the putter is a guy who lives on the club surface. Remind the caddies before leaving the game, at least to ensure that the life of the putter increases by one and a half years.



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When it comes to the broken club, there is another phenomenon to be mentioned. Many carbon clubs will break near the grip. Most of these problems are caused by incorrect extraction from the ball bag. Neither you nor the caddie can do the straight up extraction when taking the rod from the ball bag. Instead, do not pull the rod from the grip and then pull it out obliquely. Occasionally, it doesn’t matter. Over time, the fragile carbon rod body can’t help being so tortured.
The ball bag is being checked
Originally, he wanted to go to a famous foreign stadium with a ball bag, but as soon as he got off the plane, the ball bag opened, and No. 1 Wood hung his head and folded in the ball bag. In the face of such problems, the professional players who often play around gave suggestions.

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Solution: Use the golf club cover to wrap the clubs in the bag tightly. The main reason for the break of the club head is the collision during transportation. The golf club sleeve here plays a role in reducing vibration. In addition to protecting the fragile wooden club head, wrapping the golf club with soft objects can also protect the iron club face. For the iron club face forged with soft iron, once there is a bump, it is easy to have a bump. If there are many bumps, it will definitely lead to the stability and accuracy of the iron club, even the distance, especially the special iron club face, which is extremely precious.

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1、Protect the club: A golf club cover provides the club with additional protection from scratching or damage when carrying or storing the club.
2、Classification management: The golf club sleeve can help the golfer to classify the club management, easy to take and use quickly.
3、Improve recognition: Different colors and patterns of golf club covers can help golfers quickly identify their clubs and avoid confusion with other golfers’ clubs.