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Bowling Ball Towel

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cationic
Size: 40*80(15*31inch)cm ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
LOGO printing: Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  1.72$
Min. order:  500

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Don’t let sweat blur your vision
Exercise can carve the figure you want; When burning calories, don’t forget to choose a suitable towel for yourself.
The towel used for sports is different from the ordinary face towel. It should be medium in size, proper in weight, breathable, absorbent and durable.
Compared with the previous towel, the new towel has higher density and thicker cross section. It is determined to improve the material, fiber properties and other factors to ensure that the air permeability is not affected while pursuing the thickness.
One of the important functions of sports towel is to wipe sweat. When exercising, we certainly hope that the towel can absorb the sweat quickly so that we can continue to concentrate on “fighting”
Sports towels inevitably have to deal with water: wipe sweat, wash face, swim, etc. The water in contact is also varied. The determined new technology not only makes the product color fastness strong, but also can print cool and colorful patterns.

Bowling is a leisure sport. For those who have not been in touch with bowling, they are unfamiliar with the ball holding posture, basic playing methods and skills, and cannot experience the fun. Today, we will take you to know the posture and common playing methods of bowling, so that you can better experience the joy of bowling.
First, insert all the thumbs holding the ball into the ball hole, the middle finger and the ring finger into the second joint respectively, hold the ball in the palm of the hand to the chest, hold the ball with both hands, straighten the body, and then start. In bowling, four-step walking is a common method. The first step is to step out from the right foot and extend the ball forward; The second step is to step out with the left foot, and the ball is at right angles to the body; Step 3: When the right foot steps forward, the position of the ball turns to the back; The fourth step is to slide the ball out of your hand when your left foot slides out.
Straight line ball is suitable for novices and is the basic playing method of each ball path. Learn other playing methods after learning straight line ball, otherwise it will be very unstable. Straight line ball is a straight line from the time the ball is released to the time the ball is hit. When pitching the ball, the thumb should be placed directly above the target, the middle finger and ring finger should be placed directly behind the target, and the ball point should be in the middle of the fairway to make the ball roll forward and straight.
The curve ball is also called the curve ball, which is characterized by a large curve to the left after the ball enters the fairway. When playing curve ball, when the arm swings forward, the thumb faces the front or the 1 o’clock position. When the ball swings forward and down to the lowest point, the wrist rotates inward, and the thumb rotates toward the 9 o’clock position when the ball is released. The side rotation will make the ball roll along the curve when it is in the fairway oil zone, enter the oil-free zone of 1/3 of the rear section of the fairway and start to rotate, and cut between the No. 1 and No. 3 bottles at a greater angle. The curve ball has a large radian, and the ball path is difficult to control. You need to fully master the straight ball before practicing the curve ball. Because the curve ball cuts in at a large angle, the chances of winning the game are greatly increased.
Flying butterfly ball is a popular playing method in recent years. It is not limited by fairway, has great impact on the ball bottle and is easy to learn, so it is widely used. When playing the flying saucer ball, the thumb holding the ball is facing the direction of 2 o’clock. When the arm swings forward, the wrist and arm rotate counterclockwise to make the arm upward, the palm downward, and press down with the thumb as the axial direction. The middle finger and ring finger push the ball forward. When the middle finger and ring finger are separated from the finger hole, the thumb is facing the direction of 6 o’clock, and the middle finger and ring finger are facing the direction of about 12 o’clock. At this time, the ball will produce a high speed lateral rotation force. When the flying saucer ball is moving on the fairway, the ball itself rotates counterclockwise. When hitting the target, it cuts into the No. 1 and No. 2 ball bottles or No. 1 and No. 3 ball bottles, and causes the ball bottles to overturn laterally and hit each other to hit the target.
When holding the ball, the arm should clamp the armpit and the body should be upright. The ball should be held parallel to the right shoulder and in front of it, and dragged with the left hand. When swinging the ball, put the bent arm down and straighten it and swing it straight back. The higher the position of holding the ball, the greater the backswing range, and the faster the ball speed. In the process of swinging the ball, the armpit should still be clamped and the arm should remain straight. Don’t let the ball go into the air when releasing it. The air will offset some strength due to the collision of the fairway.

Note: When playing bowling, you should take off the jewelry on your hands, especially the ring, to prevent these jewelry from hurting your hands. When catching the ball, you must hold it firmly, otherwise it is easy to slip. It is better to do some warm-up before playing to prevent sprains and other situations.

Several problems needing attention in the daily use of bowling

1. The thick dead skin on the fingers and thumb will affect the desensitization of the fingers and thumb, and the finger hole will become narrow, so it is necessary to stick protective adhesive tape on the fingers.
2. The width of the adhesive tape on the back of the reserved thumb hole can be removed when the room temperature changes or the thumb increases.
3. The release width of finger hole glue shall be reserved. Don’t misunderstand that sticking to the finger will increase the ball speed.
4. Do not use alcohol to clean the bowling ball, which will aging the surface. (Jianyi cleaning gel)
5. Alcohol can only be used to clean the thumb hole, or the adhesive tape stains on the bowling bowl. (There will be tape stains on the return pass basin. It is the mechanical part of the return pass belt, Rose, that is pasted with adhesive tape to prevent the bowling ball from being scratched. If the adhesive tape is not changed for a long time, the edge of the aging adhesive tape will turn outward, and the tape stains will stick to the bowling ball.)
6. Keep the bowling ball clean and drain oil. Use bowling towel and ordinary detergent. The bowling ball cannot be sunburned or steamed at high temperature.
7. Clean bowling balls must be wiped with wax
8. If you don’t carry the wrist guard, you should also carry the wrist guard to prevent pulling the wrist.
9. Dry handbags should not be missing. Hand sweats should also be prepared. Changes in room temperature will make the palm sticky.
10. During the match, the thumb hole was found too slippery and unstable, and the thumb tape was not prepared. In this way, the thumb hole could be blown with a mouthful of heat, and the thumb could be held firmly.

Bowling Ball

Improve accuracy and precision by removing dirt and oil from bowling balls
Remove oil stains
Remove dust

High quality shammy microfiber
High quality thick cotton
Abrasion-resistant fibers and non-slip particles

Bowling Ball