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Waffle beach towel

Material: Microfiber waffle, Terry cloth or Cotton
Size: 50*100cm, 70*140cm, 80*160cm or customzied size
LOGO printing Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or customzied
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, opp bag, pvc bag, pet bottle and so on ,as per customer requirement
Price:  5.88$
Min. order:  100

product details

Waffle fabric is a very popular microfiber beach towel fabric, this fabric is thicker than suede, with anti-sand, super comfortable and other characteristics.

What are beach towels for

Beach towel, also known as beach towel, is the towel used on the beach or beach as its name implies. Beach towel is a kind of towel. It is usually made of pure cotton yarn, and is characterized by bright colors and rich patterns. What’s the use of beach towel? The beach towel has a wide range of uses, which can generally be used to:

1. The beach towel is larger than the bath towel, which can be conveniently wrapped on the waist, draped on the body or tied on the head and neck when people play on the beach, playing a role of shading, and can also be used as a covering ornament.

2. You are tired of playing on the beach. You can enjoy the sun bath by spreading the beach towel on the beach and lying on it. You can also keep away the tide and sand to prevent the fine sand from entering the first place.

3. It is inevitable to swim in the water when playing on the beach. When you come out after swimming in the water, your skin is more likely to be attacked by the ultraviolet rays in the sun when it is wet. If you do not dry the water, you are likely to have erythema, skin pain, blisters and other symptoms, The skin will begin to peel in a few days. Therefore, the function of beach towel is to help people dry their bodies quickly and reduce the sun exposure effect of ultraviolet rays.

4. In addition to being used on the beach, the beach towel can also be used as an ordinary towel bath towel, or as a towel quilt, sofa cushion, etc., which can play a role in fitness, swimming, household and other fields.
To sum up, beach towel has many functions. When you are on the beach or on the beach, you may as well take a beach towel with you for many purposes.

What is a beach towel? What’s the point of a beach towel? Let’s go into more detail.

Beach towels are also called beach towels. The process is velvet cut printing. This beach towel is actually the same size as the bath towel at home, and the material is pure cotton. What is cut and print weaving? Plush cutting is a kind of processing technology of bath towel. Bath towels are circled on both sides from the loom down, and printing products now require printing on smooth, clean cloth. So what am I supposed to do? This is the cutting technique. To cut out is to cut the roll in half so that the bath towel is suitable for printing. High-end factories can be printed like paintings and appear high-end as decoration.

Now the traffic is so developed that it doesn’t take a day to travel from the northeast to Hainan. In this case, more people, especially inland people, are willing to go to the beach during the holidays. The beach is always a sea of joy for people. Here you can take off your shoes, relax your feet and experience the softness of the sand. However, you cannot sit on the beach or lie on the beach when you are tired, which requires a beach towel.

The emergence of beach towels has played a big role in promoting seaside tourism. Thanks to beach towels, people are free to sit and lie down while playing on the beach! This beach towel is big. Like a bath towel, it can be wrapped around the waist, worn around the body, tied around the neck, or used to wipe the body. But the most important use of a beach towel is to lay it out on the sand. One side can be used to put on the sand, and the other side can be used to isolate the tide from the sand. People can lie on the beach in the sun.

The beach towel is actually a larger size bath towel, suitable for outdoor and beach use,
Why would I take a beach towel to the beach?

Basking in the sun
To rest on the beach in the sun, you need a beach towel, which can block out the tide and sand, and you can enjoy the sea breeze and warm sun comfortably.

Stay dry
When you play in the water outside, you can quickly dry off the surface of your skin. Because the skin is exposed to the sun when it is wet, the effect of sunlight is three times that of usual, which leads to dry skin and less sunburn. The sea breeze invades the body and even aggravates colds and rheumatism.

What’s the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel? Can a beach towel be used as a bath towel

1. What is the difference between beach towel and bath towel
Beach towel and bath towel belong to the same type of towel. They look similar, but they are very different. The difference between beach towel and bath towel is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Appearance of 1.
The beach towel and the bath towel can be visually distinguished by their appearance, because the beach towel will have more bright colors and more patterns, mainly with the blue sky, blue sea, bright sunshine, happy mood of the holiday. In addition, beach towels usually take photos on the beach, and fashionable towels work better. Bath towels are usually designed in monochrome elegance or dark colors to match the bathroom style.

Size of 2.
The size of the beach towel is a little larger than the normal towel. In general, the average bath towel is about the size of a person. The towel is designed to be large and can be spread on the beach, making it easier for users to bask in the sun and avoid exposing their heads and feet to the sand when lying down.

The thickness of the 3.
The thickness of the bath towel is very thick, because as a bath towel, its water absorption is very good, and the bath is convenient to dry the body, will soon be able to go out of the bathroom; The thickness of the beach towel is thinner. It’s not as absorbent as a bath towel, but it’s good enough to dry off quickly. Thinner thickness, more convenient to carry.

Use 4.
The bath towels we usually use are for home showers, which are soft and absorbent. However, when the towel is washed once or twice in the sea, it will feel strange and no longer soft. However, due to the special situation, these problems have been taken into consideration in the production of beach towel. Even after repeated use and washing in seawater, there will be no odor and dry feeling.

2. Can the beach towel be used as a bath towel
Beach towels are very large and can be wrapped around the waist, worn around the body, or used to wipe yourself down like a bath towel. The beach towel is larger than the bath towel, does not affect the use; However, it is important to note that regular bath towels cannot be used as beach towels. On the one hand, the bath towel itself is not designed for use on the beach, and on the other hand, it is not as durable as the beach towel. It is not recommended to use a bath towel instead of a beach towel unless there are special circumstances.

Solid color beach towel or printed beach towel

It can be said that more and more people are going to the beach in summer. Generally speaking, people go to the beach to play with beach towels, not only can shade, but also can play a good decorative role. There are two main types of beach towels popular in the market: solid and printed. So which one is better?

1. Plain beach towels are usually simple colors. It’s simple, but it looks fresh, like a plain shirt, for a more comfortable feel.

2. Printed beach towel You can print various designs on your beach towel. The digital printing technology widely used today places no restrictions on color matching and patterns. It is very fashionable to design and customize patterns to suit your needs.

In general, solid colors and printed beach towels are better. Solid-colored beach towels, by contrast, are more environmentally friendly and are better for those who want to keep a low profile; For fashion, you can choose a printed beach towel.

What color is good for a solid beach towel

Many friends like clean and simple, solid color beach towel, so how to choose the color of solid color beach towel?

1. Red: Red beach towels are great for different environments and are attractive even on the beach.

2. Yellow: Yellow beach towels go well with the color of the beach.

3. Blue: Blue is not eye-catching, but it is the same color as the blue sky and the sea, giving people a fresh, harmonious and natural feeling.

4. White: White is a versatile color. In hot summer, white CAN BE ESPECIALLY RELAXED, HAVE BETTER BASk IN THE EFFECT.

5. Green: Green is the color of life. Wearing a green beach towel will make you feel energized.

All in all, beach towels come in a variety of colors that you can choose. It is best to choose according to your own preferences. It is generally recommended to choose light colors, bright colors will not appear tacky. After all, beach towels come in all colors on the beach; Just don’t choose anything too dark, as the sun is still strong on the beach. If you use a dark beach towel, you can get a bad sunburn.

Waffle beach

Waffle Beach Towel
shake the beach towel and the sand off

Other Material Beach Towel
Microfiber suede beach towel
Cotton beach towel
Terry beach towel

Waffle beach

Our sand free beach towel is made from microfiber. Not microfiber suede.
super soft and comfortable
Exquisite printing, simple and elegant.

Waffle beach

SAND FREE– simply shake and the sand off
Skin permeability
Strong water absorption
Fluffy and soft