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Turkish beach towel

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cotton & polyester blend
Size: 70*140cm(27*55inch) ,80*160cm(31*62inch) or custom
LOGO printing Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  4.68$
Min. order:  100

product details

Turkish beach towels are made of pure cotton, soft and skin-friendly, while the unique pattern shows the style.

What are beach towels for

Beach towel, also known as beach towel, is the towel used on the beach or beach as its name implies. Beach towel is a kind of towel. It is usually made of pure cotton yarn, and is characterized by bright colors and rich patterns. What’s the use of beach towel? The beach towel has a wide range of uses, which can generally be used to:

1. The beach towel is larger than the bath towel, which can be conveniently wrapped on the waist, draped on the body or tied on the head and neck when people play on the beach, playing a role of shading, and can also be used as a covering ornament.

2. You are tired of playing on the beach. You can enjoy the sun bath by spreading the beach towel on the beach and lying on it. You can also keep away the tide and sand to prevent the fine sand from entering the first place.

3. It is inevitable to swim in the water when playing on the beach. When you come out after swimming in the water, your skin is more likely to be attacked by the ultraviolet rays in the sun when it is wet. If you do not dry the water, you are likely to have erythema, skin pain, blisters and other symptoms, The skin will begin to peel in a few days. Therefore, the function of beach towel is to help people dry their bodies quickly and reduce the sun exposure effect of ultraviolet rays.

4. In addition to being used on the beach, the beach towel can also be used as an ordinary towel bath towel, or as a towel quilt, sofa cushion, etc., which can play a role in fitness, swimming, household and other fields.
To sum up, beach towel has many functions. When you are on the beach or on the beach, you may as well take a beach towel with you for many purposes.

Beach towels are generally used outdoors on beaches and beaches. The types of beach towels can be divided into:

1. The process
(1) Jacquard beach towel: The beach towel made by jacquard process is generally thick, strong water absorption, but the number of colors is relatively small, and the pattern is simple.
(2) Printed beach towel: made by active printing and dyeing process. The fabric has bright color, good color fastness, soft feel, washable and fade resistant.

2. The material
(1) Silk beach towel: Made of natural fiber mulberry silk. It is cool, breathable and hygroscopic. But silk beach towel can only be washed by hand, washing too much easy to fade. It must not be exposed to sunlight. It also has some disadvantages, such as poor compactness, easy to stretch, easy to crack seams.
(2) Polyester beach towel: The silk beach towel made of polyester is light, soft, natural and close-fitting. Pure fiber isn’t as comfortable as silk beach towels, but it’s much easier to take care of.

Various ways to enclose a beach towel
A summer beach vacation is a popular choice, but summer beaches can be hot, so it’s necessary to bring a cool beach towel to protect against sun exposure. Many friends say they don’t know how to wear a beach towel. Here’s how to wear a beach towel:

1. Simple approach around
Once you’ve folded your beach towel, wrap it from front to back, then fold it loosely across your chest or to the side of your shoulder; If you choose a bright beach towel, wear it with plain wide-legged pants or a skirt. This enclosure is very simple, suitable for friends who do not know how to dress.

2. Long – rimmed scarf
This waist is characterized by leaving a third of the length at the right shoulder, and then gently bringing the excess around the left shoulder and onto the right shoulder. It’s easy, it looks fresh, and it’s thin. Pair well with shorts or skirts.

3. Flat corner knot enclosure method
Wrap the towel symmetrically around your chest and tie a large square knot or bow. This way of wrapping is very feminine with a simple dress

how to better match the beach towel

In addition to being used on the beach, beach towels can also be used as a trendy piece of streetwear. Pay attention to collocation techniques. Simple beach towels can be made into trendy fashion.

1. Pink beach towel and white tie
The combination of white and pink is very soft and easy to wear for a girly look. Choose a more colorful beach towel for a more beautiful and youthful look. Likewise, a white beach towel can be worn with a pink outfit for the same effect.

2. A beach towel and a white dress
Patched-color beach towels already contain at least two colors. If you pair it with a colorful outfit, it will look more rustic. Choose the same color as one of the clothes, or go straight to white for a more stylish look.

3. Floral beach towel + solid color dress
The colored beach towel must not be paired with the same colored dress, or it will look like a walking palette. Choose the same color as the main color of the beach towel. A solid color skirt is better.

4. A gray beach towel with a black tie
The combination of black and grey looks deep, reserved and mysterious. For example, a black dress with a large grey beach towel looks very impressive.

What are the techniques for printing beach towels

Printed beach towel refers to the beach towel made of active printing technology. With the help of printing technology, this beach towel can print various patterns, which can meet the needs of more and more consumers. The printing technology of beach towel generally includes traditional printing technology and digital printing technology. Traditional printing has a long life and a large market share, but digital printing technology is better, for the following reasons:

1. Digital printing technology does not need plate making to produce beach towel, which saves the time cost and production cost of plate making.

2. Digital printing has no restrictions on colors and patterns, and can be customized according to consumers’ needs.

3. The production speed of digital printing is more than 5 times faster than traditional printing, and the delivery time is also faster.

4. Traditional printing technology is not environmentally friendly, and green digital printing is more popular.

Can printed bath towels be printed without cutting the edges

The printing process of beach towel is velvet cutting printing process. When the beach towel first comes off the loom, it has loops on both sides and the printed product is required to be printed on a smooth, clean cloth surface. This is the velvet cutting technique. Velvet cutting is when the ring is cut in half so that the rest of the beach towel cloth is relatively flat.

Can I print it without cutting it?

Uncut printing is generally not recommended, as printing techniques require smooth and clean cloth surfaces. Good printing techniques can be printed like oil paintings, and also appear high-end as decoration. If the printing is carried out on the uneven cloth surface, the effect will be very poor, unable to achieve the desired printing effect; In addition, the trimmed velvet beach towel has a more delicate color and a more comfortable hand feel, so the general beach towel is the trimmed velvet print.

Turkish beach

Other Material Option
Microfiber Suede
Microfiber Waffle
Microfiber Anti Slip

Turkish beach

Personalized customization
Every towel has your custom
brand logo on it

Well-crafted stitching
Washing and durable with
well-craftedserging and stitching

Tassel unique design
Carefully made tassels are not
easily damaged and can be
repeatedly cleaned

Turkish beach