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Suede Beach Poncho

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cotton & polyester blend
Size: 70*140cm(27*55inch) ,80*160cm(31*62inch) or custom
LOGO printing Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  6.99$
Min. order:  100

product details

The magic weapon of surfing equipment – beach towel cape

It can let you take off and change your clothes in front of everyone, and don’t worry about going out!!
Functionality: suitable for drying body and changing clothes on the beach
Comfortable: soft skin friendly material can keep your body warm when you change clothes and prevent you from being blown by cold wind when you wear swimsuits
Fast drying: cotton fabric ensures good water absorption

If you want to go surfing, you need to have these surfing equipment

Face Gini
There is no one of the best equipment for face protection. Wearing ugly clothes can make you a beautiful white ronin. The mainstream equipment in the future surfing industry.
Sun protection suit/surfing suit
Sunscreen clothing for summer. The main function is to prevent sun, and the second is to prevent jellyfish stings. There are conjoined body and split body.
5-point over-knee swimming trunks
If the sunscreen suit is not one-piece, it can protect your knees and thighs from the scratch of the surfboard.
Basically, you can start surfing with the above equipment. Even if you don’t surf, you can use it to play with water

Beach towel/changing cloak
Put on your cloak, change clothes and dry your body, and say goodbye to the disgusting shower.
Quick drying beach pants
It’s not very fast, but it will make you feel awkward when your lower body bulges.
Upstream shoes
Effectively protect the soles of feet from sharp shells and rocks. At the same time, it can increase a certain amount of friction and stand more stable on the board.
Outdoor waterproof bag
For different sizes, it is recommended to configure one large and two small ones, the small ones for dry goods and the large ones for wet goods. When you go home, you can wash the sand out of the bag before throwing it into the car.
Waterproof watch
Completely solve the problem of “what time is it now”.
Fisherman hat
Make your face look less scary. When it rains, the rain will not hit the eyes, and when the sun is burning, the sun will not glare. Tie the elastic band on the face kini and it won’t be washed away.

The outdoor towel cloak can be put on the outside at any time to keep warm and prevent light from going out, providing various conveniences for beach wave lovers.

Suede Beach

Detail Drawing
Microfiber Suede Fabrid
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Finely Finished Edge

Suede Beach

Other Material Option
Microfiber Waffle
Microfiber Terry
Polyester/Cotton Blend
Microfiber Suede
Microfiber Anti Slip