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Seamless bandana

Material Polar Fleece
Size 25*30cm or customized
Design Choose our ready design in stock or send us your design
Weight 45g
Price:  0.38$
Min. order:  500

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The football World Cup is in full swing in Qatar, with flags flying from around the world and spectators waving colorful ribbons and scarves. Today we will respond to a scene, talk about the dress up of sports style scarf.
Sports style is very popular among teenagers, even many little sisters no longer like to wear feminine style skirts, but especially like to wear cool clothes, scarves also like sports style letter scarves.

Sports towel + jacket

Letter scarves can make a difference to simple clothes, which can become very fashionable. The letter scarf is a favorite of many fashion experts because it is not too long and can be worn casually over the shoulder. This type of scarf works well with jackets, whether denim or biker jackets, and will become more stylish with the letter scarf.

Sport long scarf + coat

The sport long scarf is much wider than the sport short scarf. It is actually equivalent to adding some letter logo or some bright colors to the traditional scarf. Compared to the traditional scarf, it has more personality. This scarf is very warm and fashionable, perfect for autumn and winter. A lot of people may see that this scarf is a little big because they don’t know how to match it, but in fact, it’s very easy to match. The easiest way to do this is with a coat, and you can find a khaki coat to go with this scarf, which will definitely work.

A sports scarf as a shawl

Some sports scarves are larger and can be made into shawl styles. A shawl is a great winter item and keeps you warm. Compared with the traditional shawl, the large letter shawl is more fashionable and more individual. However, some sports scarves are too big to be worn around the neck as a scarf, and if it is a little inconvenient to move around the body, the easiest and most fashionable way to do this is to add a belt around the waist and wear it as clothing, making it a very personalized coat.

Sports letter scarves are more fashionable than traditional scarves, and those on the cutting edge of fashion have no resistance to them. Girls who like a cool, sporty street style can’t resist it, but this scarf should be worn with care, or it will look rustic rather than stylish.

High stretch fiber High quality high stretch fiber is added to fabric and can be stretched in four directions. Fast rebound and quick recovery fabric durable, colorful printed fiber, multi-dimensional porosity, comfort -Good air permeability.

To avoid losing lateral elasticity around the edges of the scarf, there is no stitching at the ends to ensure the same elasticity as the body.

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Application scenario

Running/playing sports/biking/hiking/camping

Who says you can’t be beautiful when you exercise?! As long as you have a square, you can make sports fashionable in minutes! Xiaobian was also shocked by this magic scarf, looking at this beautiful shape, and have new skills to get up!

The first casual look

1. Get a square towel.

2. Fold the diagonal to the center.

3. Fold it in half with the center line, fold it into a boat shape, tie it directly above the eyebrows to the back of the head, and tie a knot randomly.
Key: Long hair does not need to be tied behind the ears, just wear the shawl down. The top of the hair will look more voluminous and textured when loosened.

The second section is casual wind

1. Get a square towel.

2. Fold the diagonal to the center.

3. Fold in half again with the center line.

4. Tie your hair into a low ponytail with a rubber band.

5. Tie the folded square in a knot from the top of your head to the nape of your neck.

6. Then wrap a circle of square scarf to cover the rubber band, knot again, simple and beautiful.

Key: Suitable for the transition period of curly hair, square scarf will cover the embarrassment of the transition between curly and straight, even if there are fine hair falling, it does not affect the overall beauty.

The third section is ladylike

1. Get a square towel.

2. Fold the diagonal to the center.

3. Fold in half again with the center line.

4. Tie your hair into a low ponytail with a rubber band.

5. Use a folded square to tie two knots in the rubber band for excellent decorative effect.

Key: square scarf knot after the remaining length can be self-regulation, it is suggested that the ponytail long will be more ladylike temperament.

The fourth style of the hairdo

1. Get a square towel.

2. Fold in half diagonally.

3. Place the smooth side in front of your forehead with your turban flat on top of your head.

4. Wrap the two corners of your ear around the back of your head and tie a knot.

5. Finally, tie the excess part of the scarf again in a knot, and the loose hair is relaxed and natural.

Do a princess hair and then put a square can also help to make the top more three-dimensional.

The fifth simple style

1. Get a square towel.

2. Fold in half diagonally.

3. Pin up your hair.

4. Cover your up-do with a folded square.

5. Tie a knot at the back of your neck for a simple and refreshing look.

The choice of short hair baotou style is also very suitable, with a square instead of a hat, more beautiful and fashionable.

Seamless bandana

Seamless style Sewing style Drawstring style


Seamless bandana

High elasuic fiber

High-quality high-elastic fibers are added to the fabric, which can be pulled in four directions. The fast-rebound and quick-return fabric is durable, with color printing and dyeing fibers, multi-dimensional air holes and comfort-able air permeability.
In order to avoid the edge of the scarf lose the lateral elasticity, so there is no sewing at the end, to mask sure the same elasticity with the body.

Seamless bandana

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Seamless bandana

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Seamless bandana

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Seamless bandana

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