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Regular Golf Towel

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  1.57$
Min. order:  100

product details

Golf sports towel series is a classic cotton field towel and has won the appearance design patent certificate. This product is popular because of its unique design style. The product uses high-quality combed cotton and single yarn terry, which is rich in feel and strong in friction. Considering the high requirements of sports towel on water absorption, the terry of golf towel series is very fluffy, and the thickness has also been strictly tested, so it is suitable for use in sports.

Golf has evolved from a game created by Scottish shepherds to a leisure sport loved by European nobles, and then developed into a popular outdoor sport. A golf towel and a golf bath towel are commonly used.
The golf towel comes with a small hook, which can be easily hung on the bag or even trousers, so it is much easier to go out for sports.
There is also a golf bath towel, which is made of pure cotton and has a particularly warm feeling; Thick terry brings SPA enjoyment to the skin; A man over 180 is not small when he is around.

Golf seems to have always been a game for the rich and the high-end. As long as it has to do with golf, it has a high-end feel, like golf towels.

So which sports towels make it to the high-end crowd?

In short, as long as it is a cotton towel that absorbs sweat, golf is a sport, but it is different from running, basketball, soccer, etc. This is not a sweaty sport. So in fact, there isn’t a particularly important need for sweat absorption.

However, as a golf towel, the current model is also very different from the previous model.

Why is that?

Advances in printing technology also made it important.

The production technology of digital printing has entered its golden period of development after the technological improvement in recent years. More and more domestic enterprises began to transform and introduce digital printing technology for production.

In fact, not only the digital printing technology now, the traditional printing technology can also be used to print towels. However, digital printing technology has many advantages over traditional printing technology, including the following.

  1. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has no restrictions on colors and patterns and can be well customized.
  2. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing does not require plate making. The design can be imported into the computer to print directly, which can not only save a lot of plate costs, but also save a lot of time. In addition, ps only needs to be modified directly, and it does not need to be remade after modification.
  3. The minimum order quantity is not too much. Now many people will choose custom production, but custom production is generally high-end, so the number will not be too high. But traditional printing requires a lot of quantity, while digital printing can be customized in a small amount of cases, which also meets the needs of many small businesses.

High quality digital printing technology and custom printed fabric golf towels are perfect!

What should I pay attention to when cleaning golf towels?

Golf towels thrive in hot and humid conditions. If your towel is not washed regularly and comes into direct contact with your skin, it may cause skin problems such as infections, acne, and allergies. Also, if your towel is not washed regularly, it will stink. If your golf towel hasn’t been washed in a long time, it will become cloudy when you rub it in water. The towels will be sticky and the water in the basin will bubble. Imagine how bad that would be. The following Shenzhen towelling factory for you to explain the precautions when washing towels!

First of all, when cleaning the towel, try to use the high temperature of 60°C above to clean, to ensure that the bacteria lurking on the towel is killed. We must wash the towel before changing the material, preferably once a week, to avoid a large number of bacteria on the towel.

Second, white and light-colored towels can be cleaned with “biological” detergent, and the attached protein, starch and fat stains can be broken down by enzymes; Colored towels should be washed with a special detergent to prevent fading. It is important to note that not all towels or clothes are suitable for detergent use, so check the label of the clothes before using them.

These are the things we should pay attention to when cleaning the golf towel. After cleaning, we can use the tumble dryer to keep the towels fluffy. But never use an electric heater or other direct heating method to dry the towel, which will make the towel dry and hard.


Basic golf towel:Classic style, multi-color to choose.Cost friendly, easy to custom logo.Matches with brush and divot tools.           

Printed golf towel:Custom design, sublimation printing.Microfiber waffle fabric.Custom carabiner and accessories.                   

Magnetic golf towel:Custom your own shape of magnet.Microfiber waffle fabric.Sublimation or embroidery logo.


Custom brush golf towel:Sillicone brush.

Golf ball towel:Golf ball cleaning towel.Accept custom logo.Plump terry loop.

Caddy golf towel:100% cotton fabric.Yarn-dyed jacquard.


Custom Golf Towels
Material Microfiber 80% polyester & 20% polyamide, Waffle texture.
Size 48*94cm or Custom
Image printing One or Both sides sublimation
LOGO printing Embroidery or Custom
Custom Style Adhesive silicone brush; Tri-fold, Bi-fold, Center hole, Magnet and etc.
GSM 380 standard GSM or custom from 200 and 450 GSM.
Packaging OPP bag, mesh bag, color paper card, PVC bag, PET bottle and custom.
Sample Time Stock sample 1-3 days; Custom sample 7-15 days.


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1、Absorbent: High quality microfiber fabric quickly absorbs moisture, ensuring dry clubs and hands.

2、Soft: After repeated washing, the towel becomes softer and more comfortable, making it more pleasant to use.

3、Easy to carry: The three-fold design folds the towel into a smaller size for easy placement in a portable golf bag.

4、Easy to care for: Usually machine washable and dry, easy to clean and maintain.