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Printed Golf Towel

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  2.17$
Min. order:  100

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In fact, the customization of towels in most people’s minds may be limited to solid color, jacquard, embroidery.
In fact, with the change of technology, today’s towels are not only limited to these simple customizations. In addition, the printing technology in China has developed very fast, including animation peripheral, gift giving, event customization, ball game promotion, brand promotion, and background wall customization, which are all derived from the printing customization technology.
In fact, many of today’s towels are customized, from the beginning of embroidery, jacquard, embossing and other customization technologies to the emergence and development of traditional printing and digital printing technologies. Printing customization technology also makes the technology more perfect with the development of time.

How to effectively clean golf towels

Professional players basically get themselves a golf towel when they play. Also, it can be seen that when golfers play golf on the course, almost all golfers have a golf towel for themselves when they play golf on the course. Visible, towel is one of the important equipment of golf.

The way to clean golf towels

Method 1: Rub with appropriate amount of salt water.
The heavier-smelling golf towels depend on the cleaning method and technique. In other words, put a little table salt in the washing water. After continuous scrubbing, and then scalding with hot water, you will find that the smell gradually becomes weak. However, after washing, you still need to rinse with water, which will be more professional and effective in removing odors. Generally speaking, its peculiar smell only through different methods to absorb all the peculiar smell, will really have a good effect.

Method 2: Soak the gold fabric for half an hour.
If the odor in the golf towel is heavy, you can choose to soak in gold textile with strong fragrance. After soaking for half an hour, you can remove odors more professionally. When you put in the gold textiles, you have to weigh up to 10 pieces of clothing to mask the odors inside.
After soaking for half an hour, the next step is to scrub and remove any dirt from the process. The soaking will get better and better. After mastering the function and characteristics of gold spinning, it will play a better and better role in the cleaning process. In this process, it is necessary to master the method and key points of removing odor.
It’s also very helpful in getting rid of some of the bacteria in there. After mastering the cooking methods and requirements, removing odors is also very professional. There are more and more ways to eliminate odors. In fact, we can learn some common sense from life. Only after mastering each kind, we can properly clean in the case of heavy odor, which is really good in the effect.

Method 3: Put the rice washing water and towel into the pot and boil.
However, there is a more reasonable way, is to leave the rice washing water in the pot, and the towel together into the pot for 15 minutes, so that the towel will have a light rice taste, in removing the taste is also very professional. After understanding the requirements and details, we all feel that this removal method is also very professional, the effect of removing odor is getting better and better. Once you have mastered the basic process and key points, you will feel more and more magical in every aspect as you remove them.

Method 4: Soak in white vinegar for 1 hour.
White vinegar can also be added to smelly golf towel cleaning methods. The ratio of vinegar to water should be four to one. This way, you can use the strong smell of white vinegar to remove the odor inside. Then wash it once with a heavy scented soap or cleanser, which will still help and clean well in terms of its effectiveness. After mastering the cleaning methods and points in this process, we feel that the effect of removing odor is very significant, which must pay attention to the use of good methods when cleaning at ordinary times, so that the effect will be better and better.

How often do you change your towels?

Towels are one of the things we often use in our daily life. How long does a golf towel last? At the recent annual meeting of the Home Textile Association, home textile experts pointed out that the replacement time of a single towel should be about 30 days, and the maximum replacement time should not exceed 40 days.

What are the problems with golf towels when they are used for a long time?
Golf towels can harden over time and become uncomfortable after use. Most importantly, after prolonged use, it will be contaminated with a large number of bacteria, which will do great harm to the human body. The towel is made of pure cotton yarn. The cotton fiber is tubular structure with hollow cell cavity, which can store water. Its main chemical, cellulose, contains a lot of hydrophilic genes and absorbs water. “The cotton yarn is hygroscopic and water-retaining, which makes the towel feel comfortable and has strong decontamination ability. It is suitable for washing and cleaning.” However, because of this feature, it provides convenient conditions for bacteria to multiply. Bacteria like a warm, humid environment best. A good towel stays warm and moist for a long time, and after a while, it becomes a haven for bacteria to thrive. In addition, oil, dust, impurities in the water, and air on the skin on golf towels are bacteria that are deposited on golf towels and then wiped off the skin with the towel. Not only does it not clean the skin, it can contaminate it and clog pores. Women who like to wear makeup and children who have a fast metabolism have a lot of oil in their skin. Towels are more likely to get infected, which can be very damaging.


Basic golf towel:Classic style, multi-color to choose.Cost friendly, easy to custom logo.Matches with brush and divot tools.

Printed golf towel:Custom design, sublimation printing.Microfiber waffle fabric.Custom carabiner and accessories.

Magnetic golf towel:Custom your own shape of magnet.Microfiber waffle fabric.Sublimation or embroidery logo.


Custom brush golf towel:Sillicone brush.

Golf ball towel:Golf ball cleaning towel.Accept custom logo.Plump terry loop.

Caddy golf towel:100% cotton fabric.Yarn-dyed jacquard.

Custom Golf Towels
Material Microfiber 80% polyester & 20% polyamide, Waffle texture.
Size 48*94cm or Custom
Image printing One or Both sides sublimation
LOGO printing Embroidery or Custom
Custom Style Adhesive silicone brush; Tri-fold, Bi-fold, Center hole, Magnet and etc.
GSM 380 standard GSM or custom from 200 and 450 GSM.
Packaging OPP bag, mesh bag, color paper card, PVC bag, PET bottle and custom.
Sample Time Stock sample 1-3 days; Custom sample 7-15 days.


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1、Personalized: Printing can be a variety of colors and patterns, can fully meet the buyer’s personalized, diversified needs.

2、Add beauty: Prints can add beauty and fashion to a golf towel and make it more noticeable.

3、Improve recognition: Printed golf towel can help golfers quickly identify their towels and avoid confusion with other golfers’ towels.

4、Easy to care for: Usually golf towel machine washable and dry, easy to clean and maintain.

5、Good publicity effect: Manufacturers can print their brand logos or other images on golf towels to facilitate promotion and brand promotion on the course.