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Printed Cooling towel

Size: 30*80cm(12*31inch) ,30x100(12*40inch)cm or custom
LOGO printing: Silk screen printing, transfer printing, embossed, embroidery or custom
Packaging: OPP bag, PVC bag, PET Bottle or Custom
Price:  1.88$
Min. order:  100

product details

The biggest feature of the printed cooling towel is that it can be quickly cooled by soaking in water. After being dried by soaking in water, it can give you an instant cooling experience. All fiber materials are non irritating fibers, without chemical addition, pure physical cold feeling, and no odor. It will not harden after drying, and can be reused. The towel is most afraid of bacterial growth. The natural advantages of ice sensitive silk fabric prevent skin allergy and bacterial growth. Various fashionable printing patterns are fashionable and eye-catching.

1. Can the exercise cold feeling towel wipe your face and take a bath?

Moist cold towel can wipe any part of the body. If there is a fever, use a cold towel to wipe the body, which can quickly cool down the body temperature and eliminate bacteria.
Because the cold felt towel has a good decontamination effect and does not shed hair, it can be used to wipe glass instruments, glasses, lenses, precision instruments, etc., without scratching lenses and lenses.

2. How to deal with the cold towel after use

After using towels, many people will be confused about whether they need to wash them. In fact, whether they are cold towels or towels made of other materials, Xiaobian recommends that you wash them regularly. Because the towel will stick with some oil in the process of use. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the towel will become yellow, sticky, black and even moldy. If you use a towel to wipe something particularly dirty, it is recommended to wash it immediately.

It’s easy for everyone to sweat and feel sick while exercising. They wanted to run to the air-conditioned room at once to cool off. In fact, there is already a product on the market called “wearable air conditioning” – cold towels. But how do you turn an ordinary towel into a “wearable air conditioner”? How to use a cold towel? What is the use method of cold towel? Today, I’m going to teach you how to use a cold towel.

How it works:

This product is used to absorb sweat and cool down during exercise. It is a kind of fitness equipment. Its appearance consists of three layers of fabric.
The first layer of fabric absorbs water and keeps the body dry;
A second layer of fabric traps moisture and holds water molecules within the fiber;
The third layer of fabric removes moisture and achieves a cooling effect while the water molecules evaporate, lowering the temperature of the fabric and thus the surface of the human skin. The form of cold felt towel product highlights the structure of three layers of fabric, each layer of fabric is made of polyester fiber cold felt material.

Generally speaking, the principle of cooling is to use the physical structure of the polymer fiber itself, take away the surface heat when the water molecules volatilize, reduce the temperature of the human body, to achieve the cooling effect.
The test results of the HOHENSTEIN Institute, a world famous testing institution, show that the material used to make the cold felt towel combines three kinds of fibers with different functions to ensure the towel’s high water absorption and efficient drainage evaporation. Hollow yarn fiber without chemical additives, water absorption ability. After shaking, high ambient temperatures turn liquid water into vapor, which flows through hollow fibers. The surface temperature of the fiber is reduced by heat exchange. Applied directly to the skin can reduce skin surface temperature by 30%. Cold towels are non-stick, non-saturated, dry and comfortable. Because cold felt towels are not cooled by chemicals, but by the principle of three layers of physical structure, they can maintain a long-term cold sensation.

In fact, the working principle of the cold felt towel is based on middle school physics. When liquid water turns to steam, it absorbs heat from the environment to achieve the cooling effect. Throwing cold terry cloth at high temperatures speeds up the evaporation process, which is known as the “throw it cold” principle.
According to the material characteristics of cold felt towel, it can prevent heat stroke, cool down, protect eyes and skin when traveling in summer; For people who like sports and fitness, it can bring the cold effect of absorbing sweat, cooling, relaxing and cool, and help people keep their body temperature constant and recover their physical strength during exercise. Cold felt towel is also the auxiliary tool of physical cooling when heating, heating and scald; After sports injury, it can temporarily cool down and stop bleeding. Cold towels are convenient to use. Wet it with warm water, twist it gently, then shake it. It will be cold soon.

How to choose a sports towel

1. Clear design, accurate printing, full, novel, full of the sense of The Times: the wholesale towel of cotton towel is not only practical, but also a kind of art. The tree shed is like a living painting, a kind of decoration, giving people a spiritual enjoyment. If you put it anywhere in the room it won’t ruin the view. It is strictly forbidden to buy seemingly supernatural fake goods, so as not to lower the taste and pollute the room.

2, bright color: whether printed towels or plain towels, as long as the materials are exquisite, the workmanship is in place, it must be very bright and beautiful. At first glance, there is a refreshing feeling. Do not buy old towels, because they are generally simple process, poor material, harmful to health.

3, high water absorption: cotton towels have high requirements for hydrophilicity. When the towel is pointed, dry it off with water to remove dust and dirt. This requires high quality cotton yarn, advanced cooking, printing and dyeing processes, and perfect detection and inspection methods. Wool towels that are slippery, non-absorbent, and non-soiling on your face can affect your quality of life.

4, novel style: fine production; Cotton towels are available in a variety of styles, including spiral, velvet cut, plain color, printing, and satin stops, satin edges, embroidery, appliques, whiskers, inlays, etc. This towel is usually made of fine material and of good quality. Apart from fine sewing edges, horizontal and vertical seams, correct trademark sewing, etc., this towel looks very elegant and can’t find anything wrong with it. People couldn’t put it down. They should not buy towels that are poorly made, without a label or exact origin.

5, fluffy texture, soft feel, feel comfortable. It feels springy in my hand and feels like spring breeze blowing on my face. It gives people a lingering emotion. Cotton towels should not be too dry or too hard to damage the skin.

100% polyester Features:
1.Quick dry
2.Instant cool
4.Anti- UV
5.Chemical -Free
This material has the most price advantage.

50% polyester + 50% polythene Compared with 100% polyester and 45%
polyester+55% polyamide, those made from 50% polyester+50% polythene has the these features:
1. more absorbent
2. softer
3. colder than 100% polyester made towel
For fabric with 50% polyester+50% polyamide, it is hard to be dyed with dark colors.

45% polyester+55% polyamide Features:
1.Quick dry
2.Instant cool
4.Anti- UV
5.Chemical -Free
It feels colder than those made from 100% polyester.