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Polar fleece bandana

Material Polar Fleece
Size 25*30cm or customized
Design Choose our ready design in stock or send us your design
Weight 45g
Price:  0.68$
Min. order:  500

product details

Autumn has not yet ended, and the beginning of winter is already eagerly awaited. The news continues to report that snow and temperature continue to fall in many parts of North China, which reminds us of the imminent need to keep warm!
Protection warm easy to ignore the neck skin, cold wind has the opportunity to take from this position into the body, leggings again lock temperature, coat again windproof can not achieve the whole body warm long-term. The following items range from performance to classic fashion.
High and new technology into the fabric of clothing, rapid heating and warmth, antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-static and other excellent performance. Early winter warm guaranteed, wear comfortable experience.
High elastic material, good tensile resilience, so you can create a variety of wear, modeling and plasticity. Second, wear for a long time without tightness discomfort, easy to wear and take off, save time.
A very warm plus velvet bib!
With velvet in it! Self-heating velvet!
Skin-friendly comfort, windproof warm!
Very intimate practical, a style more wear!
Every way to wear, have a different feeling!
Life needs ritual, this little ornament!
Are indispensable details!
Watertight edge treatment!
The line is neat, all good!
Winter bikers are worth buying!
Outdoor sports in winter first of all, we should according to their own physical conditions, the body is not suitable for or the weather is too cold, outdoor sports should be avoided, indoor exercise can also be. Outdoor exercise should follow these principles: full warm-up, moderate amount of exercise, pay attention to keep warm, prevent cold.

How to dress for winter sports?

Winter outdoor sports clothing is too important, the choice is not good, not only can not reach the role of sports, but will have the opposite effect.
Although the body did a good job of keeping warm, but in the cold winter wind like a knife cut the cheek pain, hands exposed always by the cold wind is unconscious, head because exercise sweat and wind caused headaches and colds…
So autumn and winter sports, we must also pay attention to the preparation of three pieces of accessories. It can greatly improve the thermal index of outdoor running
Sports cap
Autumn and winter outdoor temperature is low, the body heats up quickly after exercise, easy to sweat, head as the most easy to sweat, first of all, to do a good job of warm work! Prepare a sports cap before going out, which can effectively lock in the head temperature, so that the head will not get cold.
Some running long sleeve cuff with finger seam can protect half the palm, but the fingers are still exposed, wearing gloves at this time can be a good protection of the hands skin, and the cuff is not easy to wind.
The neck can effectively avoid cold air from the neck into the clothes, especially for the pharyngitis running friends, cotton soft neck can protect the voice. Some sports bibs are multi-functional design, which can be used as both a bib and a hat. They are absolutely essential for running!

Polar fleece bandana page

Fleece material Elastic design
Product features
Heat preservation Comfortable skin Flat and wrinkle resistant
Antistatic Not easy to deform Wind and cold

Product information
Name: Multifunctional outdoor winter warm neck gaiter
Material: fleece
Patterns: ready&customized
Usage: Daily Life, Outdoor Sport, Skiing, Cycling…

Polar fleece bandana page

Detail display
Polar fleece fan
light weight and warm,so that your winter is not longer cold
High quality polar fleece fabric, comfortable,warm and not stuffy
Exquisite walking
techp you the beauty and durabnty you want

Product display
Fit the face 360 degrees,keep warm and lock in the temperature, to meet the needs of diffferent collocation

Polar fleece bandana page

Product Description
Item Multi purpose adult size solid color winter adjustable breathable motorcycle face bandana
Material Polar Fleece
Size 25*30cm or customized
Design Choose our ready design in stock or send us your design
Weight 45g
Lead Time <3000Pcs Ready design in stock, 2-3 days.