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Multifunctional winter bandana

Material Polar Fleece
Size 25*30cm or customized
Design Choose our ready design in stock or send us your design
Weight 45g
Price:  1.89$
Min. order:  500

product details

Small objects and large functions; It is made of the whole fabric after being folded and stitched. This double-layer design also improves the durability of the scarf.
The pattern on the headband is also printed by digital printless technology. The advantage of this technology is that it is not easy to fade, the material is environmentally friendly, and it is harmless to the human body.
The fleece fabric is lightweight and warm, so that your winter is no longer cold
Exquisite wiring, technology gives you beauty and durability
360-degree fit to face, keep warm, lock temperature, meet different matching needs
It can not only improve the overall appearance of athletes, but also play an unexpected role. It is unavoidable to sweat profusely during exercise, so this is also the most important purpose of wearing a scarf, which is to keep the skin dry and comfortable while blocking sweat.
Such a material selection and processing process can make the scarf soft, elastic, quick-drying and environmentally friendly. What’s more, the playful and ever-changing way of wearing it will have a new shape every time it is taken out.

When women are hiking outdoors, they often have some unnecessary troubles due to the inconvenience of hair length.

Then it’s better to have a scarf at this time. You can use it to tie your hair; As a headband, fold the scarf into two layers, put it on the head, and pull out the hair.
The width of the headband can be adjusted. It is also convenient to tie a ponytail as a headrope.
In addition to these, it is also a necessary prop that can improve the overall appearance value, and you are not alone in the popularity of outdoor photography.
Riding scarf, also known as magic scarf, is a fashionable and practical outdoor headwear equipment. There are at least dozens of different binding methods, which can produce different effects. They can be used as scarves, scarves, headbands, sand masks, brimless round hats, hoods, wristbands, and even chest wraps. They are one of the most commonly used equipment for riders.

The first method:
1. Fasten the cover from the middle with a pin.
2. Pull the end of the left scarf to the back of the head, and then buckle it.
3. Buckle the rest on the left shoulder

The second method:
1. Buckle the scarf on the chin.
2. Pull the right scarf to the left shoulder, and then buckle it.
3. Pull the rest to the right shoulder, and then buckle it up.

The third method:
1. Fix the position of the kerchief, and then buckle the small needle on the left and right parts of the kerchief.
2. Pull the left scarf to the right shoulder, and then buckle it.
3. Put the rest on the left shoulder and buckle it up.

The sixth method:
1. Fix the headband on the chin, and then buckle it.
2. Pull the right scarf to the left shoulder and buckle it up. Note: This kind of dressing is simple and good-looking, suitable for office workers.

The fourth method:
1. Fasten the middle part of the kerchief, and then pull the left part of the kerchief to the right.
2. Pull it all the way to the back of the head.
3. Fasten it with a pin.
4. Finally, buckle the left part on the left.

The fifth method:
1. Two different color scarves are needed, and the inside scarves should be fastened first.
2. Fix the left and right sides of the outer scarf with a needle.
3. Organize the headband, and let some of the headbands cover the chest, and the rest are fastened on the left shoulder with a pin.


Fleece material Elastic design
Product features
Heat preservation Comfortable skin Flat and wrinkle resistant
Antistatic Not easy to deform Wind and cold



Product information
Name: Multifunctional outdoor winter warm neck gaiter
Material: fleece
Patterns: ready&customized
Usage: Daily Life, Outdoor Sport, Skiing, Cycling…


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Polar fleece fan
light weight and warm,so that your winter is not longer cold
High quality polar fleece fabric, comfortable,warm and not stuffy
Exquisite walking
techp you the beauty and durabnty you want