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Kids Suede Beach Poncho

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cotton & polyester blend
Size: 70*140cm(27*55inch) ,80*160cm(31*62inch) or custom
LOGO printing Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  4.56$
Min. order:  100

product details

Baby’s holiday is open. When you go to the seaside, don’t forget to bring a yazan cloak to your baby! It’s practical and brilliant
Water out → towel dry → put on clothes again
This process needs all kinds of shielding, which is very troublesome. The cloak bathrobe is directly set to protect privacy and prevent catching cold

Children’s cartoon cape bath towel # beach towel cape bathrobe, soft, absorbent and quick drying

Soft! Set the cape, bath towel and blanket as one! It is necessary to have a hot spring at home or go to the seaside
This one goes deep into my heart! Stir-fried chicken can absorb water, and can also be used as a beach towel. There is no need to worry about the baby catching cold when coming out of the pool! The baby can also be used as a warm shawl after bathing, which is comfortable and lovely~and can also be used as a blanket! One towel can be used for multiple purposes~

Whether it’s taking a bath or playing at the seaside, it’s easy to wear a set of soft and absorbent clothes for five or six years!
It’s easy to catch cold in the bath. Baoma has a lot of worries. The bath package is soft and warm, starting with health and safety

Summer is coming. Children must have good things to play with water. After bathing after swimming, they can relax, absorb water and dry quickly. Say goodbye to catching cold
Hooded cape design is a good helper for bathing and beach vacation
The beauty of cape bath towel is not only in summer, but also in spring, autumn and winter
Not afraid of catching a cold at the moment of bathing, and always provide warm protection for the baby

Take children to the seaside. These equipment are very easy

Spring is coming, and the travel plan for the new year can be carried out again. Every time you take your child out to play, you will reap her rapid growth. However, there are still many annoying details. Especially when we go to the seaside, we bring more things, and sand and water are more difficult to deal with. This Amway article is not a special new artifact, but it is all used by me over the years. I feel that the extremely practical seaside baby equipment can make my parents’ holiday trip more relaxed and relaxed.
Quick drying pants
Extremely thin and skin-friendly, soft and breathable, silky and smooth, and also dry fast. Fold it thinly and hold it with one hand. Not only does it exercise without restraint, but also it is comfortable to sleep and wear.
Wearing it on the beach can prevent sun (UPF>50) and wind without being sultry at the same time. It is not afraid to get wet when treading on water. It will dry in a short time. Although there is always wind at the seaside, the air is humid, so the drying of clothes on the hotel balcony is not fast. This pair of pants has no such worries at all. You can take a few less when changing clothes. The cloth is silky and does not touch the sand. You can sit directly on the sand and clean it with a tap when you get up.
Sunscreen swimsuit
No matter in the seaside or outdoor swimming pool, sun protection is the first priority. Even if you soak in water and apply sunscreen, your shins will still tan. Not to mention the exposed shoulder and neck, whether they have been protected for half a day can see the difference. So, although many children’s swimsuits are very cute, I will definitely wear more wrapped swimsuits for her at the seaside.
I recommend this long-sleeved or half-sleeved swimsuit, which can protect the neck and shoulders completely. There are both conjoined and split ones. The conjoined ones are easier to wear and take off. The split ones are suitable for older children.
Cloak bathrobe
This cloak bathrobe also has many functions. It is convenient to dry, keep warm and protect from sun for one second.
Its material is different from the towel cloth of the ordinary bath towel. It is not heavy, more crisp, and more compact. Therefore, it is more windproof and does not touch sand. It also dries faster than the ordinary bath towel.
After playing with the water, put it directly on the outside of the swimsuit and dry it. Then you can wear it and move freely. You don’t need to change your clothes in a hurry. It’s not cold in the sea breeze. There is also a big hat. When necessary, it can also be used as a blanket cover, or even as a shelter for temporary changing. In short, it can solve many problems flexibly.

Kids Suede

100% Soft Microfiber
Super Absorbent

Kids Suede