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Golf Wipes

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  1.5$
Min. order:  100

product details

Specially designed for cleaning golf balls, and the exposed side can be waterproof

In fact, the customization of towels in most people’s minds may be limited to solid color, jacquard, embroidery.
In fact, with the change of technology, today’s towels are not only limited to these simple customizations. In addition, the printing technology in China has developed very fast, including animation peripheral, gift giving, event customization, ball game promotion, brand promotion, and background wall customization, which are all derived from the printing customization technology.
In fact, many of today’s towels are customized, from the beginning of embroidery, jacquard, embossing and other customization technologies to the emergence and development of traditional printing and digital printing technologies. Printing customization technology also makes the technology more perfect with the development of time.

Disinfection method of newly purchased golf towel

People who like to play golf buy a towel to wipe off their sweat when they go to play. Do new golf towels need to be cleaned when used for the first time? New golf towels should be cleaned first, as they can easily become contaminated with bacteria during production and transportation. Clean and disinfect before use to protect your health. So how do you disinfect a new golf towel for the first time?
1: Boil towel disinfection
The towels we just bought can be sterilized with boiling water. First put some water in the pot and bring it to a boil. Then put a small amount of salt in the water. Bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to medium heat and continue to cook for about 10 minutes. When the temperature is right, turn off the heat and scrub the towels. Then wash the towel and let it dry.

2: Microwave oven heating disinfection
The golf towel you just bought can also be sterilized by microwaving. First soak the towel in water, then apply some soap to the golf towel, then put it in a container and heat it in the microwave oven for about 10 minutes. Then wash the towel and let it dry.


Custom Process
higher image resolution,better finshed products

Do you take care of your golf equipment

Many golfers only focus on how to improve their skill level and whether the golf equipment they use is famous. But the body of the ball has also evolved from wood to carbon fiber and steel. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your beloved ball.
1. The club: Tip the waiter who helps you clean the club. If you don’t have an attendant on the course, take a few minutes at home and wipe down the iron bars, metal wood clubfaces and bottom of the clubheads with a metal brush, soap and hot water, then dry with a towel.

2. Cue grip: Wipe thoroughly with cloth, soap, and warm water to restore grip adhesion. After washing, dry with a towel. This will also slow down glove damage.

3. Shoes: If your shoes are wet from the rain, you can crumple up the newspaper and leave it in the shoe to dry for ten hours until the moisture is completely absorbed, then change to a new newspaper and put the last one in the shoe with the new newspaper. Gently wipe away dust and scuff with a household cleaner (you can test on a small piece of leather to make sure it doesn’t damage the shoe) and finish with shoe polish.

4. Balls: Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water, soak all the dirty balls, then take them out and scrub them with a toothbrush.

5. Pants: Wash khakis according to the instructions on the label, then put them in the dryer for about 10 minutes to dry completely, then hang the bottom of the pants upside down to dry. If the pants can’t be pressed, press them along the line. You can also put a small amount of starch in a small bottle. Shake it with water. To dry, either dry clean or wash, hang your pants upside down. Spray a thin layer on top, no ironing required. Wrinkles usually disappear naturally when pants air dry.

6. Shoes: Clean shoes of dust with mild soap and warm water, wipe them with a toothbrush, and dry them with a towel. The club manufacturer recommends a replacement pair of cleats every 30 rounds.

7. Shirts: Wash cotton or blended shirts in cold or warm water and place them on a hanger to dry. If using a dryer, it should be set to the “warm air” position for no more than 15 minutes, and then hung to dry.

8. Hats: Machine-washed baseball caps are washed in cold water and dried in the sun; Alternatively, attach the hat to the bowl, put it in the dishwasher separately, wash it once according to the standard procedure, and then dry it with the bowl to prevent the hat from shrinking. Finally, remove the bowl and hang the hat to dry the lining.
9. Ball bag: Wash with toothbrush and warm water or gently clean with household cleaner and let dry.



1、Easy to carry: Golf wipes can easily fit into a pocket or tote bag, easy to carry.
2、Strong practicability: Although the size of the towel is small, it still has the function of wiping the cue, ball head, gloves, etc., which can effectively remove dirt and sand.
3、Saving space: The small size of the golf towel takes up relatively little space, which can help players save more space to wrap, so that the players are more relaxed and free on the course.