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Golf towel with square magnet

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Min. order:  5

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Use towels to wrap the grip handle to reduce the force of the grip
Reduce the grip force, it is easier to shift the center of gravity correctly when getting on and off the club, and increase the swing speed. A large grip force can strengthen the control of the club. In fact, the tighter the grip is, the more serious the left and right curves will become.
You didn’t shift your weight to the right side of your body on the stroke. When you think about moving your weight to the right side of your body on the stroke, you forget to move your weight to the left side of your body on the stroke.
It is not difficult to shift the weight back and forward, but when you focus on the ball itself, you will hit hard and forget about turning.
Here is a simple solution: reduce the grip force. Reduce the grip strength, eliminate the muscle tension of both arms and hands, and you will naturally want to swing; When you hold the grip firmly, you will naturally strike hard. Score the grip strength from 1 to 10. If your previous grip strength is 9, you should reduce it to 6 or 7. When training, you can wrap a golf towel around the handle. This thicker and softer “grip” can properly reduce your grip strength. When you swing, you will soon find it easier to shift your weight backward and forward. Your swing will be more smooth and powerful.

Towel cut practice: perfect touch
For those players who are difficult to touch the ball firmly when cutting, try the practice of “hitting between towels”.
A lot of golfers always have low and shallow upper strokes. They seldom use their lower body when they swing the club. They mainly use their hands to complete most of the work of hitting the ball. The result is that the hitting angle is too shallow, and a terrible shaving ball appears, which will quickly fly out of the green.
The batting practice between the towels can help you understand the correct cut and hit essentials. First, fold the two wide golf towels neatly to produce a certain thickness, and place them separately to the length of a sandpit digger. Then place the ball in the middle of the towel.
The purpose of the exercise is to slightly raise the club when you are on the club, and do not hit the towel. To do this, you need to slightly erect the wrist to raise the club head. Next, stop before reaching the second towel to finish the shot.
A good way to realize this is to imagine your right knee guiding the club while your hands are preventing the club from reaching the second towel. Pay attention to the movement of the right knee in the picture. The right knee bends to the target when sending the shot.
This exercise strengthens the basic skill of keeping the left wrist straight or slightly bent when hitting the ball. This key basic skill is the common trait of all batting masters, whether full swing or cut shot. On the contrary, it is the main reason why many amateur players lose their strength when they swing the ball.
The batting practice between towels is the beginning of gradually deepening the practice. First, keep the wrist straight when cutting, and then integrate the same concept into the full swing. Finally, this exercise can not only promote the hitting at the green, but also provide a solid basis for all clubs in the bag to hit.

The golf towel comes with a small hook, which can be easily hung on the bag or even pants, so it is much easier to go out for sports.

What are the benefits of choosing golf as a lifelong sport
An article entitled “The relationship between golf and health” published by a British sports medical journal shows that people who play golf live longer.
Not only that, golf also provides an excellent opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy fun, keep fit, and promote social activities of family and friends, which is very important for us to live in the contemporary era.
The average life span of golfers is 5 years longer than that of non golfers. It is a sport that can be participated in from the age of 4 to 104.
This conclusion is derived from a landmark research report, which is derived from decades of data association research conducted by the Swedish government. It is concluded that under the same age, gender and socio-economic conditions, the death rate of golf players is 40% lower than that of non golfers, and the expected life expectancy is about 5 years longer.
As a very useful sport, golf can help prevent and treat 40 different chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, etc., and also help reduce the risk of anxiety, depression and dementia.
Scientists have tested the muscles, bones, heart rate, etc. used by individuals when different groups of people play golf, and found that it is helpful to the health of all ages, especially the elderly. Golf can help balance and improve muscle strength, and may also improve cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health.
Golf is a medium intensity aerobic exercise, which consumes 3-6 times more energy per minute than sitting in meditation. An 18 hole game takes 13000 steps on average, consuming 2000 calories.
A Swedish study shows that 18 holes of walking is equivalent to 40% – 70% of the intensity of the most intense aerobic exercise and 45 minutes of fitness training.

Golf towel with round magnet

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Golf towel Plain in solid color, custom printing logo, with the magnet, with the brush, wet and dry, the caddy and etc.
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Golf cleaning brush Perfect golf accesories for leading irons, including Sand Wedges, Golfing, Training aids, Lob Wedges, Staff.
Golf Ball Line Marker And Pen Easy way to draw lines to check your alignment for swing or putting, the marks help you find a better angle and achieve your goals.

Golf towel with round magnet

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Metal Chapter
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Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
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Golf Ball Marker
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