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Golf towel with round magnet

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  3.8$
Min. order:  500

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We support one-stop service. You can buy all kinds of golf accessories in our store instead of buying from different suppliers as before. We can improve the rich customization options.
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One stop procurement of accessories
Golf is a kind of sport, which is especially popular among middle-aged and elderly people. In recent years, with the promotion of popular events and sports, many young and light friends also like this sport. Golf has certain potential for physical exercise.

Benefits of Golf

Golf can be used as a leisure or entertainment activity to promote physical strength. Although the basic amount of exercise for the elderly is less, golf can maintain a certain amount of physical strength for the elderly. Golf can provide medium to low intensity sports training. The energy consumption when playing golf is very different for each person.
According to research, moderate intensity golf can improve many health conditions.
Cardiovascular: effectively improve aerobic exercise ability, cardiovascular status, body composition and blood fat, but there is no significant difference in blood pressure control
Pulmonary function: improve the pulmonary function of the elderly, and also reduce the hospitalization rate and symptoms of children with asthma
Musculoskeletal: improve balance ability and muscle strength, which may improve bone density and reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis for women

Golf towel solid color, custom printed logo, magnet, brush, wet and dry, caddy, etc.
Golf diving tools are easy to use around the green and course.
Golf cleaning brush is the perfect golf accessory for main irons, including sand wedge, golf, training aids, lob wedge, staff.
Golf line markers and pens can easily draw lines to check the alignment of your swing or putt. The markers can help you find a better angle and achieve your goals.

Golf course is a place for golf. A standard golf course consists of 18 holes. Each hole has a specified number of pars, which is called Par. The number of pars is 72. There are obstacles such as teeing table, fairway, green, long grass, sand pit and pool in the court.
Golf holes have different distances due to terrain changes. Generally, these distances are divided into three types: long, medium and short. Among the 18 holes, 4 par 3 holes, 10 par 4 holes and 4 par 5 holes are arranged in a mixed way. The setting of course par is based on the overall distance and distribution of the fairway, usually 18 holes, 72 shots, and occasionally 70 or 71 shots. In the professional golf competition, one game usually has more than four rounds, and the women’s group usually has three rounds.
The lawn where the hole is located is called the green. The grass on the green is short and smooth, which helps to push the ball. The word “green” is a transliteration of English green. When players play, their first goal is to hit the ball on the green, and then score with a putt. The grass on the green is more delicate and delicate than that in other areas of the court. In addition, women are not allowed to enter the green when wearing high-heeled shoes, because it will damage the lawn.

The main golf supplies are golf clubs and golf balls (also including TEE, bags, clothing, club head brushes, green forks and other supplies).
There are 14 golf clubs in a set, including 4 wooden clubs, 9 iron clubs and 1 putter.
Golf balls are generally small solid white balls made of rubber.
The surface of the ball is evenly covered with tiny pits, which is conducive to stable flight and improve accuracy. The hardness of golf balls is generally 70 °~105 °. The higher the degree, the harder the ball will be, and the more difficult it is to master the direction. Beginners are suitable for choosing balls with lower hardness.

In addition to clubs and balls, golf clothing is also exquisite.
Because golf games are played outdoors, the cap can be used as a shelter in sunny or rainy days.
Many golf clubs will require you to wear a T-shirt with a collar, which looks decent. Choose loose casual pants, because cotton pants, jeans and other tight pants will limit your action.

The sole of golf shoes generally has about 6-7 sole nails, which can prevent sliding and keep the players balanced when swinging.
Golf gloves can promote the friction of the hand grip and are not easy to slip.
In addition, golf equipment includes TEE for kick-off, bag for holding clubs, club head brush, green fork and other props.

There are many differences between golf and other sports. The biggest feature is that there is no direct opponent.Everyone is actually competing with himself. All efforts are not for defeating others, but for defeating himself. In many sports, it is called “green opium”.

A seemingly simple and dull game implies an extremely profound philosophy. On the court, we can’t see the fierce confrontation scenes and the wonderful keen reactions of the players, but anyone who has experienced this sport will feel that it really shows rich wisdom everywhere. There are 18 holes in a game, and the process is like a miniature of life. It is very similar to the process of people’s pursuit of wealth. In order to achieve good results, in addition to the basic quality and hitting skills, the key is to have a good attitude and a peaceful mood. Golf is undoubtedly a good way to cultivate yourself.

Golf towel with round magnet

We support one-stop station serives. You can buy all kinds of golf accessories in our store without having to buy from different suppliers as before. And we can improve the rich customization options.
If you want to know more about the product, please make an inquiry immediately !
One-stop procurement of accessories
Golf towel Plain in solid color, custom printing logo, with the magnet, with the brush, wet and dry, the caddy and etc.
Golf Divot Tool Convenient to use on the greens and around the course.
Golf cleaning brush Perfect golf accesories for leading irons, including Sand Wedges, Golfing, Training aids, Lob Wedges, Staff.
Golf Ball Line Marker And Pen Easy way to draw lines to check your alignment for swing or putting, the marks help you find a better angle and achieve your goals.

Golf towel with round magnet

Golf Club Sharpener
6 cutter heads with two different cutting types, 3 for U type club grooves and 3 for V type grooves.
Metal Chapter
Install and use with the bottom of the club and magnet golf products.
Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
Clip Attaches Easily to Any Hat, Belt, or Pocket!
Golf Ball Marker
Use with a magnet golf towel. Used to mark the position of the ball.
Golf Bag Metal Bag Clip
Easy Use of Magnetic Golf Gear Accessories with Convenient Positioning on Your Golf Bag.
Magnetic Rangefinder Strap
Strong Magnet Securely Holds to Golf Carts and Golf Clubs.