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Golf towel with magnet

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  4.78$
Min. order:  500

product details

Regular golf towels are waffle material, which can clean up golf clubs and balls very clean. You can also add magnets and hook to the towel, will be more convenient.

Here’s how to choose a towel that suits you:
The selection of towels depends on the following points:


Be sure to choose a towel that is fluffy and soft. Such a towel has a strong affinity to the skin, making your use more comfortable and comfortable.
The soft feeling you feel is actually related to several completely different types of data:
1. Type of cotton; 2. Twist of fiber; 3. Number and length of fibers; 4. Soft processing. In fact, each of the above four points can be discussed in a long way, which is simply:
Raw materials: the cotton varieties are better. Egypt cotton, sea island cotton and Xinjiang cotton have their own characteristics, but they are all of high quality that has been widely praised!
Twist: In terms of feeling, it is fluffy and soft. The smaller the twist, the better the touch.
Number and length: both are the results of tests and retests, and professionals may not be able to tell the best standard.
Softening: The most direct way is to add softener. It is likely that the new towel you just bought has already been processed like this in the factory.

texture of material

The material quality has the most important influence on the towel quality and feel.
It has been said that the cotton variety is the best!!!
Pure cotton towel has always been the preferred material for towels due to its excellent hand feel, water absorption and other factors.
Although they are all pure cotton, there is a huge difference between “ordinary pure cotton” and “combed cotton”.

Combed cotton

Combed cotton is woven from the best quality long staple cotton with special technology. After special advanced dyeing and finishing, the fabric texture is more delicate, smooth, elastic and of higher quality than ordinary pure cotton.
The air permeability and water absorption should also be more prominent. The texture, washability and durability are higher than those of ordinary pure cotton.
And the texture is fluffy and delicate, and the feeling of contact with the skin is delicate and refreshing, bringing you fresh and comfortable high-quality life enjoyment.

GSM weight

Take the bath towel as an example. Only those with a weight of more than 500 square meters can be thick and durable, while those with a weight of more than 550 square meters are more superior.
Gram weight per square meter is an important indicator to measure the quality of towels. Its calculation method is: weight of towels (grams)/size of towels (square meters).
Do not choose a towel that is light and too thin, because such a towel uses very little cotton yarn, which will deform, harden, or shrink after several times of washing.

Water absorption

Water absorption is one of the important properties of towels. All kinds of towels have good water absorption and storage performance, due to a layer of circular terry covered on the surface of the fabric. The height of the terry is closely related to the quality of the towel.
Under the same other conditions, towels with more and higher terries have better water absorption, more soft and thick, and longer service life.
Don’t underestimate water absorption. It is not only related to comfort, but also to health: towels that can’t be dried quickly may be the source of many minor diseases.
Not to mention the mother who has a baby at home, I guess she has rushed to the bathroom to destroy some towels!
I can only tell you that the towel with softener must be a towel with poor water absorption. Cut a 1cmX 1cm and throw it into the water cup. It can’t float down. I really suggest that it be destroyed immediately without delay.


Whether it is printed or plain towel, as long as the materials are exquisite and the workmanship is home, it must be very beautiful. It looks fresh at first sight. Remember to buy a towel that is as withered as an old one, because this towel is generally simple in technology and poor in materials, which is harmful to health.
When purchasing towels, you should try to buy them in large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, and choose products from regular manufacturers.
Qualified towel products shall be provided with standard identifications indicating the manufacturer, place of origin, telephone, trademark, executive standard, washing method, etc

Microfiber Waffle Fabric
Ultra soft high quality waffle fabric

Well-crafted Stitching
Washing resistant and durable with well-crafled serging and stitching

Magnetic Suction Piece
Easy hands-off access

Usage scenarios – Stick to the cue
Usage scenario – On the golf bag


1、Easy to carry: Thanks to the magnets attached to the towel, it can be easily fixed to a golf cart or other metal surface, which is not easy to lose or lose.

2、Practical: In the club head or gloves with mud or sand, can be quickly clean and dry. Towels can also be used to clean clubs and carts.

3、Customization: Manufacturers can print or embroider their brand logos or other personalized patterns on the towels to enhance brand image and publicity effect.