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Golf Towel Has Brush

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  2.59$
Min. order:  100

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How to choose high-quality golf towel? Uncover the golf towel technology

Golf has always seemed to be a sport that only rich people and high-end people can play. As long as it is connected with golf, it has a high-end feeling, such as golf sports towel.
So which sports towels can enter the eyes of high-end people?
In short, as long as it is a sweat-absorbing cotton towel, golf is a sport, but it is different from running, basketball, football and other sports. It is not a sport with particularly serious sweating. So there is not a particularly important need for sweat absorption.

People who have participated in golf know that it is a sport that can improve human functions from head to foot and from inside to outside. Frequent golf is good for all parts of the body. Golf is a sport with many benefits, whether in terms of physical fitness or self-cultivation. Let’s take a look at the benefits of participating in golf?

1. Cultivation of self-discipline

The biggest feature of golf is that it is carried out without the supervision of the referee, relying on the honesty and credibility of the participants who consciously abide by the rules. If children follow the rules and etiquette on the court when they are young, they will follow the social rules and norms when they grow up. Golf can help children learn more about life.

2. Say goodbye to bad hobbies

Now, many parents have a headache because their children are addicted to online games and other bad hobbies, and golf gives children a healthy sport that can be “addicted”. After investigation, once children are exposed to golf, they often cannot put it down. With the correct guidance of parents and coaches, this fashionable and elegant sport can become the “partner” of children’s life, thus abandoning bad hobbies.

3. Have noble sentiment

Golf is a sport that pays attention to etiquette and rules. For example, keep quiet, keep quiet when others hit the ball, dress appropriately, pay attention to mutual courtesy, and abide by the rules of the course. He has been learning these interests and norms imperceptibly since the children were exposed to golf,
Cultivate noble sentiments. In addition, there is no end to the improvement of golf technology, which will cultivate the spirit of children’s continuous pursuit and make them progress.

4. The best way to socialize

At present, there are many children who either go their own way, are arrogant, or are bored and self-closed, and are shy to speak. The golf course provides the best social platform for children to meet and grow up with friends who pursue progress, pay attention to etiquette and abide by rules like them. Golf provides children with an opportunity to challenge others and themselves in an atmosphere of equality, justice and norms, so that they can broaden their horizons and help each other make progress.

5. Keep fit

Golf is a sport that can be carried out from the age of 3 to the age of 80. It not only cultivates the flexibility and coordination of the body, but also greatly reduces the possibility of sports injury due to its low intensity. As a sport carried out outdoors, it can allow children to fully enjoy the sunshine and oxygen, and achieve the goal of physical fitness and healthy development.

6. Cultivate elegant and stable temperament

As a gentleman’s sport, golf advocates noble morality and elegant temperament. Golf players should always show a polite and modest sportsmanship and be considerate of others at any time. In such an environment, it is easy to cultivate children to develop the habit of being polite and modest from an early age, and understand the character of being considerate of others, which is conducive to the healthy growth of children.

7. Cultivate independence and ability to judge and think

Some people describe the 18 holes of golf as life, with twists and turns, difficulties, sometimes joy, sometimes worry. Face all kinds of difficulties independently, make correct judgments, think carefully, come up with solutions, and bear all consequences. Although playing basketball, it is more like accepting the training of life. Children who play golf are mature and confident beyond their age, and have strong independence and ability to deal with problems.

8. Cultivate good psychological quality

The only child growing up in the honeypot is loved and cared for everywhere, and is often at a loss in the face of setbacks, while golf gives children the opportunity to face setbacks. Playing golf is not a competition with others, but a process of defeating yourself. Golf is the best training for children. Teach them how to adjust their mood, overcome frustration, and cultivate good psychological quality from childhood, which will benefit your children for life

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The health benefits of playing golf

Golf can give you a powerful heart and cardiovascular system function. While increasing the maximum oxygen intake, it will increase the oxygen delivered to all organs of the body, enhance the function of all organs, alleviate the symptoms of heart disease, and prevent various heart diseases.
blood vessel
Frequently playing golf will accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and improve blood quality. More importantly, golf can also reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels, which greatly reduces the possibility of suffering from arterial disease.
Both the office workers and the student party need to sit in front of the computer or at the desk, so there are more or less problems with the neck and shoulder. When playing golf, people are required to straighten and relax their back. Long-term persistence will improve the discomfort of the neck, shoulder and back.
Long-term regular golf will make the respiratory muscles of the lungs more developed, make the volume of each breath larger, and make the lung function stronger and stronger. In addition, the fresh aerobic air on the court is very helpful for the purification of the whole respiratory system.
The sense of satisfaction and pleasure brought by golf can increase appetite and make people have a big appetite. More importantly, persisting in playing golf for a long time can also strengthen digestion, promote nutrient absorption, and keep the whole stomach in a healthy state.
The effect of long-term golf on liver maintenance is very obvious. Sticking to playing ball can make the veins and veins on the surface of the liver clear, and also effectively eliminate fatty liver, so that the ball players have a healthy liver.
Long-term golf can strengthen heart muscles, neck muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, buttocks, big and small legs, feet and other muscles. In addition to making the muscles strong and elastic, it can also increase the distribution of capillaries in the muscles, so that the muscles can absorb more efficiently.
The weight-bearing exercise of golf can make the bones become extremely solid, and long-term adherence can improve the strength of joints and the flexibility of ligaments; At the same time, it can also increase the strength and density of bones, greatly reducing the possibility of osteoporosis.