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Golf Caddy Towel

Material: Waffle / Cotton
Size: 30*50cm(12*20inch),40*60cm(15*24inch) ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
Packaging: color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag ,mesh bag and so on
Price:  3.42$
Min. order:  1000

product details

Not only can these towels be used to dry the sweat from your brow or clean up golf clubs and golf balls, but they are also fashionable.

In summer, golfers who like playing golf will buy a towel to wipe sweat when they go to play. Do you need to clean the newly bought golf towel when you first use it? The newly bought golf towel should be cleaned first, because it is easy to be contaminated with bacteria during production and transportation. Cleaning and disinfection before use can better protect your health. So how should the newly bought golf towel be disinfected for the first time?

1: Boiling towel disinfection

The towel we just bought can be sterilized by boiling. First put a proper amount of water in the pot and boil it. Then put a small amount of salt in the water. After the high fire is boiled, turn to the medium fire and continue to boil for about 10 minutes. Turn off the fire and scrub the towel when the water temperature is appropriate. Then wash the golf towel and dry it naturally.

2: Microwave oven heating disinfection

The golf towel you just bought can also be sterilized by microwave heating. First soak the towel in water, then apply proper amount of soap on the golf towel, and then put it into the container and add it in the microwave oven for about 10 minutes. Then wash the golf towel and dry it naturally.

With the increasingly mature and personalized golf clothing technology, golf fabrics are constantly updated. For a great golf outfit, it’s especially important to choose fabrics that are comfortable to wear. Let’s briefly introduce the various fabrics commonly used in golf clothing.
Quick drying fabric composition :100% polyester
It is composed of new fiber, is a kind of functional fabric, with good permeability and sweat function, suitable for summer sports.

Composition :100% mercerized cotton
With good moisture absorption, air permeability and elasticity, silk luster and feel, comfortable to wear, can fully reflect the wearer’s temperament and grade.

Cotton cover silk composition :65% cotton 35% polyester
Taking into account the softness and smoothness of natural fiber and the wear resistance and non-ironing property of man-made fiber, it has the functions of easy washing and good shape retention.

Elastic composition :95% polyester, 5% Lycra
The fabric is fresh, comfortable and soft, and the slight stretching properties allow the wearer to exercise more casually. The ability to sweat quickly makes the golfer feel cool and comfortable, which makes the skin feel more comfortable. Suitable for all kinds of sports in spring and summer.

Single bead frame composition :95% cotton 5% Lycra
Feel soft and smooth, the best elasticity, comfortable wearing, close-fitting consideration; Acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance. Good dyeing property, no fading.

Ribbed composition :95% cotton 5% Lycra
The structure has good transverse tensile elasticity. The fabric is mainly used for sewing T-shirt neckline, cuff, hem, etc., can also sew sweaters, vests, sportswear, stretch shirts, etc

High density cloth composition :100% polyester fiber
The fabric is easy to wash, fast to dry, good to the hand, does not hinder the swing, does not produce noise. Adhesive honey velvet is popular among athletes and tourists because of its excellent windproof, warm and waterproof properties.

Cotton twill composition :100% cotton
Comfortable and soft, let the wearer feel cool and comfortable, the overall style of fashion, no deformation and contraction. The texture is firm and thick, with a clear texture. Do not wrinkle, do not iron.

Golf is a combination of man and nature. About two or three friends can enjoy their leisure time walking on the grass filled with fresh air and sunshine.
Golf, as a sport with special charm, allows athletes to exercise in a beautiful natural environment, edify sentiment, character and communication skills; Golf is coming into people’s lives.

A golf towel is a towel used by golfers when they play golf. It provides golfers with a quick way to wipe their hands and face.
Unlike violent sports such as running, basketball, and soccer, golf is not a way to sweat heavily, so the sweat absorption function of golf towels is not particularly important.
Golf is an outdoor ball game played with a club. Golf clubs can get very dirty during use. In order for the golf club to hit the golf ball effectively, a towel body is needed to wipe and clean the club.




Product name Caddy Golf Towel
Material Cotton
Size 30*50cm, 40*60cm, 50*100cm or customized size
Color Bule, sky blue, red, pink, gray, orange, green or customzied
LOGO printing Embroidery/Silkscreen/Emboss/Heat Transfer Printing or customzied
Feature Super water absorption, Quick dry, Skin care, Lightweight, Durable, Machine washable,Ultra Portable
Packaging color paper card, oppbag, pvcbag ,mesh bag and so on ,as per customer requirement
Samples Samples in stock are free
Certifications SGS,BSCI, ISO90001


1、Absorbent: Cotton fabric is a good absorbent material, can quickly absorb moisture, ensuring dry clubs and hands.
2、Soft and comfortable: After repeated washing, the towel becomes softer and more comfortable to use.
3、Durability: Cotton fabrics are relatively durable and retain their shape and quality even after repeated use and cleaning.
4、Customization: Can customize the colors required by buyers