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Football Towel

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cationic
Size: 40*80(15*31inch)cm ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
LOGO printing: Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  1.29$
Min. order:  500

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Well said, it’s good to exercise for a while, and it’s good to exercise all the time.
Sports bring us not only changes in body, face and mental state, but also many excuses for spending money:
Treadmill, sneakers, running shoes, yoga mat, sports backpack Even towels.
Some people will say, is it necessary to buy towels separately? Don’t you just wipe your sweat? Can’t you use ordinary towels? If you are too small, can you use a bath towel?
One of the important functions of using sports towel is to wipe sweat. When exercising, of course, we hope that the towel can absorb sweat quickly so that we can continue to concentrate on “fighting”. The water absorption performance of sports towel is particularly important at this time.
Sports towels inevitably have to deal with water: wipe sweat, wash face, swim, etc. The water in contact is also varied: sweat, tap water, swimming pool water, soapy water If the towel fades when you show your figure, it’s also embarrassing.
This requires that the color fastness of the sports towel must pass the standard under different conditions, even reach the best

Playing football is a very popular sport in modern times. There are many benefits for teenagers to play football. It can exercise, increase childhood fun, cultivate team awareness, and develop good personality. In addition, there are many other benefits. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of playing football!

01 Helps intellectual development
Football is not only about physical strength, technology and tactics, but also about intelligence and psychology. Football is highly coherent, closely coordinated and highly competitive. Whether it is running with or without the ball, players need to have a wide vision, calm and clear mind, and always observe various changes. There are more uncertain factors than other sports. All these are exercises of comprehensive quality. Therefore, participating in football training and competition is also a process of cultivating and developing teenagers’ intelligence.

02 can improve the function of respiratory system
Football is a combination of running and leg sports. In the process of running, passing, shooting, etc., it will strengthen the depth of breathing, so as to inhale more oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide, so as to increase vital capacity and strengthen lung function. Some studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly, because of their strong physical adaptability, their breathing appears stable, deep, even and slow.

03 Helps strengthen leg bones
In the process of continuous leg movement, due to the promotion of metabolism, the blood supply of bone has been improved, and the shape, structure and function of bone have undergone good changes: the bone density has thickened, making the bone thicker, the arrangement of bone trabeculae is more regular and regular according to the pressure and tension, and the protrusions attached to the muscle on the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bone become stronger and stronger, thus improving the function of fracture resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance and torsion resistance of the bone. Adhering to physical exercise can also strengthen the strength around the joint, and the joint capsule and ligament are also thickened, thus increasing the stability of the joint; At the same time, physical exercise makes the joint capsule, ligament and muscles around the joint stretch more, thus improving the flexibility of the joint.

04 Grinding gravel beneficial to will quality
Beginners need to overcome all kinds of difficulties with tenacious perseverance, such as using feet instead of hands to control the ball. The beginners’ movements are uncoordinated and so on. Learning to play football can not be learned overnight. The process of teenagers participating in football training and competition is also the process of sharpening their willpower.

05 Helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach
Children often have poor spleen and stomach, and playing football is also very beneficial for strengthening the spleen and stomach. Because playing football will accelerate the metabolism in the body, accelerate the circulation of qi and blood, strengthen the functions of the viscera, and strengthen the functions of the liver, gallbladder and stomach, thus promoting digestion. Children with good digestive system will have a good physique and will not be easy to get sick.

06 can relieve children’s learning pressure
It is unavoidable for children to have some pressure in their study and life. Too much pressure can not be effectively released, which can easily lead to depression. And playing football is an effective way to relieve pressure. Put down the psychological burden, run on the green field, sweat like rain, and have a happy match with the players.

07 You can make friends
Football is a multi-person team sports project. Only a dozen people can play together to create more atmosphere. However, I can’t organize so many people at one time, so I have to make an appointment with other teams. After a fierce competition, I can make many like-minded friends.

08 Cultivate teamwork awareness
Football is a sports project that can best reflect team cooperation. There are goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards and other positions on the field. They need to cooperate with each other to win the game. Therefore, those who like to play football generally have strong team cooperation ability.



09 Cultivate children’s courage to fight against difficulties
Football is a highly antagonistic event. If you dare not fight and are afraid of physical collision, you can neither break through the defense line of the other side nor defend the attack of the other side. Through the competition, he realized that victory depends on his own efforts, and only the courage to fight can win the final victory.

10 Prevent myopia and relieve vision fatigue!
Nowadays, many students and office workers almost have vision problems. They use their eyes excessively in their study, work and life, resulting in myopia. While playing football, you often look at all directions and keep watching your teammates at the far end, which can effectively reduce the pressure on your eyes. In addition, the fresh air and green plant landscape outside will also make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

11 Help sleep
Playing football, a high-consumption sport, will make you need more time to rest, make you have no extra energy to think about messy things, and relax the tense nerves of children during learning, so that you can sleep more soundly and soundly. Proper exercise can also improve the quality of sleep.

12 Effective weight loss
After playing football for half an hour, you will start to burn fat in your body. If you continue to play, you will have less fat in your body and make your children’s muscles more and more tight. If you want to lose weight, dieting and other things will not only starve you, but the weight you lose will also make your child lean rather than fit. But increasing exercise can make your child consume more calories, which will achieve the goal of losing weight.


13 Improve posture
Due to the current living conditions, long-term incorrect sitting and lying posture will make your cervical vertebra problem more and more serious. The correct posture for playing football is to keep your back straight and relaxed, and keep looking up to observe the situation on the field. At this time, the cervical vertebra will be greatly relaxed, which will greatly help to improve the cervical vertebra problem.

14 Exercise reaction power and delay brain aging
Football can stimulate brain power very well. The football field is changing rapidly. It is a very mental task to make a judgment in a moment. During the process of playing football, it will continuously send oxygen and nutrients to the brain, delaying the decline of brain tissue.

15 Improve self-confidence
Excellent performance on the court can make children have more confidence in themselves. It is not only to score goals, but also to send a beautiful assist to the players, play a tacit cooperation with the teammates, prevent a breakthrough of the opponent, disintegrate a sharp fast attack of the other side, and hold a close shot These can make you feel satisfied and let you know that you are not inferior to others.

Kicking is a natural, harmless and pollution-free universal treatment! It can not only exercise, prevent and cure diseases, but also enjoy happiness, experience life, and let children grow up in health and happiness!