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Cotton Sports Towel

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cationic
Size: 40*80(15*31inch)cm ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
LOGO printing: Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  3.89$
Min. order:  100

product details

Cotton sports towel with pocket are suitable for the gym, can be set on the gym equipment, very absorbent, while the pockets of the towel can be placed in the cell phone keys and other belongings.

Cotton sports towel

Advantages and disadvantages of cotton towel

  1. Advantages: soft and comfortable, strong water absorption Ordinary cotton towels are soft and comfortable, and have strong water absorption. High quality cotton towels have better water storage and are thicker.
  2. Disadvantages. Because of good water absorption, it represents good moisture absorption. If the humidity of the storage environment is high, the towel will absorb the moisture in the air, and will easily become mouldy and produce peculiar smell. The cotton towel is too heavy to dry after absorbing water. After using it for a period of time, the coils are easy to twist together, showing a tapered shape. It hurts when being wiped dry. It can only be used after wetting and softening.

How to choose a sports towel

Sports towels refer to towels specifically designed for sports, which are optimized for sports in terms of material, specification, size, and water absorption to distinguish them from ordinary products. Now let’s look at how to choose an exercise towel.

1. clear design, accurate printing, full, novel, modern:

In addition to being practical, wholesale towels are also a work of art. The shed is like a living thing, a painting, a decoration, a spiritual enjoyment. If placed anywhere in the room, they will not spoil the view. It is strictly forbidden to buy fake goods that look like supernatural things, so as not to lower the taste and pollute the room.

2.bright colors:

Whether printed towel or plain towel, as long as the material carefully, the process in place, must be very bright. At first glance, there is something new. Do not buy old towels, because they are generally simple process, poor material, harmful to health.

3. High water absorption rate:

Cotton towels have strong requirements for hydrophilicity. Towels are pointed, water is dry, dust and dirt are removed. This requires high quality cotton yarn, advanced cooking and dyeing technology, and perfect detection and inspection methods. Wet, non-absorbent, non-stain towels on your face can affect your quality of life.

4. novel style:

Excellent production; Cotton towels are available in a variety of styles, including spiral, velvet cut, plain color, printing, and satin stops, satin edges, embroidery, appliques, whiskers, inlays, etc. The towels are usually made of fine materials and of high quality. Aside from delicate sewing edges, horizontal and vertical lines, and appropriate trademark sewing, the towel looks elegant without any problems. People couldn’t put it down. They should never buy towels that are poorly made, have no label or exact origin.

5. fluffy texture, soft feel:

This towel gives a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. It feels springy in the hand and feels like spring breeze blowing on the face. It gives a feeling of emotional entanglement. Cotton towels should not be too dry or too hard to damage the skin.

How to use a sports towel

  1. Use of sports towel: Sports towel is mainly used to wipe and absorb the sweat of the human body, keep the body comfortable. Exercise towels can be wrapped around your neck, tied to your hands, or tied to your head. These different use methods can be selected according to personal preferences, choose the appropriate method.
  2. Usage: Before using the exercise towel, wet it with 30% water to make it softer, reduce more friction on the skin, and wipe sweat more easily. The sports towel should be cleaned in time after use, keep the towel clean and tidy, avoid sticking, odor, mold and other problems, otherwise it is not conducive to the fitness experience.

For the most part, when it comes to exercise towels, we’re sure to use sweat absorption as the only criterion. In fact, there are plenty of workout towels on the market that not only deal with sweating, but also activate the coolness function in high temperatures. If you don’t know, I suggest you check out the following suggestions that may open the door to a new world.

1. recommended cold compress exercise towel (suitable for summer use)

Cold sports towels are fast-cooling fabrics. After high temperature or immersion, the rapid swing can activate the sensory-cold function. It’s not uncommon in principle, but it’s a property of the fabric. But, the effect is really unusual, especially in the summer, when you exercise in the hot weather, you feel cool and sweat cool, and you’ll think it’s worth a try.

2. sweat absorption exercise towel (suitable for sweat exercise)

As a rigid index of sports towel, sweat absorption, especially in the process of sweating, the pursuit of better sweat absorption and moisture removal effect. The following models are perfect for an intense workout. The sweat absorption effect is very good, the whole body will not be completely wet after wiping.

3. quick drying exercise towel (suitable for swimming or fitness)

In the summer, when you go to the beach, swimming pool or fitness center, you are sure to get wet. Be sure to have a large towel that dries quickly, or you can easily catch a cold when the temperature difference is large. The fleece of quick-drying sports towels is generally designed to be soft and can be taken to other sports occasions by people with sensitive skin.

The towel of professional sports

the advantages and disadvantages of cotton towel

Advantages: soft and comfortable, strong water absorption

Ordinary cotton towels are soft and comfortable with strong water absorption. High-quality cotton towels have better water storage capacity and are thicker.

Disadvantages: heavy self-humidification, moisture absorption smell

The biggest disadvantage is that once completely soaked, the self-weight is very large, it is difficult to wring out, resulting in chicken ribs, packaging loss easy to smell. Because of good water absorption, so on behalf of good hygroscopicity. If the humidity of the storage environment is high, the towel will absorb the moisture in the air, which is easy to mold and cause odor. This cotton cloth is so heavy that it absorbs water and dries hard. After a period of use, the coils tend to intertwine and become tapered. It hurts when you dry it. Use only after wetting and softening.

the advantages of outdoor sports towels

1. Super light and delicate to the touch

Because of the special fiber material of the sports towel, the outdoor sports towel has a super light feeling and delicate touch. Compared to cotton towels, they are easy to carry and keep dry and comfortable.

2. Instant water absorption, quick drying effect

Outdoor sports towels have excellent instant water absorption and can absorb 2-3 times of their own weight. Easy to wipe from head to toe, no need to rub and twist. Importantly, after super fast water absorption, it can be quickly dried with a gentle twist. Especially in a well-ventilated environment, it can be thoroughly dry in ten minutes and can even be used as a windproof temporary warm “bath towel”.

3. Antibacterial and antibacterial, more durable

Different from ordinary household towels, the surface fibers of ordinary towels are severely worn after two or three months of use, and bacteria are also growing in large numbers. However, because the surface of outdoor sports towels is covered with an antibacterial coating, it can not only inhibit bacteria for a long time, but also have bactericidal effect. Six months is fine. It’s cost effective.

4. Small storage volume, easy to carry

Outdoor sports towels are very small, space-saving and easy to carry.

Cotton Sports

The magnet clip is designed to gently put the towel
Easy to absorb on metal parts of fitness equipment
Storago pocket design, the key can We stored during fitness. Fitness card and phone can be placed in the pocket to prevent loss

Cotton Sports