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Cotton Beach Poncho

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cotton & polyester blend
Size: 70*140cm(27*55inch) ,80*160cm(31*62inch) or custom
LOGO printing Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  12.28$
Min. order:  100

product details

A beach towel is a type of towel. Generally made of pure cotton yarn, the size is larger than the bath towel. Its main characteristics are bright colors, rich patterns. It is mainly used for outdoor play, bathing and covering up after sports, and can also be used for lying on the beach or grass. Most people opt for pure cotton beach towels in beautiful colors and patterns.

Transportation is well developed, it doesn’t take a day to travel from northeast China to Hainan. In this case, more people, especially inland people, are willing to go to the beach during the holiday. The beach is always a happy ocean. Here, you can take off your shoes, let your feet relax and feel the softness of the sand. However, you can’t sit on the beach or lie on the beach when you’re tired, which requires a beach towel. The appearance of beach towels has greatly promoted seaside tourism. Since the advent of the beach towel, people can sit and lie down freely while playing on the beach!

This beach towel is of a larger size. Like a bath towel, it can be wrapped around the waist, wrapped around the body, tied around the head and neck, used as a cover-up accessory, or spread on the beach. One side can keep out the tide and sand, the other side can lie on the beach in the sun. In fact, the most useful thing beach towels do is to quickly dry out the moisture on the surface of the body, because when the skin is wet, the UV rays of the sun reflect off the pool or seawater, which is three times as effective as the sun! Red spots, sore skin and blisters are guaranteed if you don’t dry off after swimming, so be sure to bring a beach towel when playing or swimming outdoors.

The Internet celebrity in the beach style is the beach towel

Since the beginning of the last century, Miss and Mrs Noble have packed beach towels instead of straw hats or sunglasses when they go to the beach. When placed on the ground or draped over the body, it looks modern and stylish even when held in hand and clapped.
Only as a vase?

Of course not. It can also be used as carpet, shawl and wall decoration

You can put it under your body, or you can learn any chunk to use as a prop. In addition, it can be used as a cape to protect against the sun at the seaside, and as a physical sunscreen prop. Or the harmful cold of sudden nighttime drops.

As a beach towel, made of 100% cotton, it absorbs water well and wipes moisture off your body.

You can also take it home at the end of your trip as part of a sofa shape, or put it in any corner of your home!

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get together with a couple of friends, find a lawn by the mountain and water, bring some food, put on a beach towel, sit down, enjoy the scenery, talk about life. How cozy and romantic!

Go to the beach with your partner to play and swim. After the water wrapped in a beach towel, wipe the residual sea water body, how warm and romantic ah!
Play tired, spread a beach towel on the beach, away from the tide sand, enjoy the sun bath, how comfortable and romantic ah!

A beach towel big enough to wrap you in!

Whether it is water park or island, seaside, is very suitable for summer to play water, fly yourself ~
Use microfiber to get your beach towel dry fast and play heavy wet bath towel!

The fine hemlock protects the edge of the beach towel and makes it more durable

Using high-end environmental printing machine, the pattern is clear and not easy to fade, so that each beach towel design is exquisite, can withstand the sun and rain, and keep the color bright

  1. As a tool for tourism photography, the color selection of beach towels should be based on those colors with high and medium brightness, such as orange, green and bright yellow of spring people; Autumn rust red, olive green, persimmon orange; Red, green, royal blue, bright purple for winter people; Grey blue, spruce green and lemon yellow are suitable for the summer type. At the same time, the closer you are to your face, the more you should use your own colors; The farther away from the face, the looser the color restrictions. At this point, you can choose according to your preferences and matching skills.
  2. In terms of patterns, curved people can choose flowers, wavy dots and other soft and round patterns; Straight men can opt for bold patterns such as stripes and plaid. Petite, the pattern should not be too big to hold up. For tall people, the pattern should not be too small, will appear stingy, introverted. The closer you are to your face, the more you need to use your own patterns.

Cotton Beach

Hooded Design
Wind proof, keep head clean and warm.

Back Hanger
Packable and easy to carry.

Front Packet
Large size pocket for hands and belongs.

Cotton Beach

Microfiber Terry Fabric
Sustainable and Eco-friendly.
Soft and Absorbent.

Outstanding Craftsmanship
Finely cut fabric.
Exquisite and even stitching.