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Cooling towel

Material: Microfiber
Size: 30*80cm(12*31inch) ,30x100(12*40inch)cm or custom
LOGO printing: Silk screen printing, transfer printing, embossed, embroidery or custom
Packaging: OPP bag, PVC bag, PET Bottle or Custom
Price:  1.19$
Min. order:  100

product details

Cooling towel that can cool down quickly is a very popular sports towel with lightweight and quick-drying features.

The cold towel we use when exercising is also one of the fast drying towels. This towel is very popular with consumers. But there are also many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s introduce the use method, advantages and disadvantages of it!
1. The sports cold feeling towel can keep cold for a long time. If it gets hot after wiping sweat, it will become cold again if you shake it immediately. Even the best quality cotton towel, wood fiber towel and bamboo fiber towel can’t do it.
2. After being soaked with hot or cold water, wring it dry, shaking it for 3 seconds can make it cool, and the cold feeling can last for more than 5-7 hours.
3. Because the exercise cold feeling towel is light, it is convenient to carry.
4. Cold felt towel has the functions of anti mite, anti-static and anti ultraviolet, especially suitable for outdoor sports or people engaged in outdoor work.
5. Due to the fast drying speed, it is one of the necessary items for cooling and heatstroke prevention in summer.
6. This kind of towel adopts active printing and dyeing technology, free of formaldehyde and fluorescent agent, and can be used with confidence.
7. Cold towel is soft and comfortable, and sensitive skin can also be used. Compared with pure cotton towel of the same quality, it has higher cost performance.

What’s the difference between a sports towel and a regular towel

The sports towel, as the name suggests, is a towel specifically designed for sports. Exercise towels are usually reserved for cardio, outdoor adventures, and travel, and can be worn around the neck, tied around the hands, or tied around the head. Compared with ordinary towels, sports towels are optimized in material, size, water absorption and other aspects. Their differences are mainly reflected in:

1. The water absorption
Towels are absorbent to a certain extent, but sports towels are much more absorbent than regular towels. This is mainly due to the difference in materials. Ordinary towels are generally made of polyester or cotton, while sports towels are generally made of materials such as microfibers and bamboo fibers, which are more absorbent.

2. Air permeability
Considering the comfort of wiping with towels during sports, sports towels have higher requirements for air permeability; Ordinary towel is commonly used for washing face, blowing hair, the requirement of breathability is not high enough.

When people exercise, sports towels need to be in close contact with the athlete’s body. It is not easy to slip, usually tied to the body, so the length of the sports towel is generally longer; Ordinary towels should be easy to wash your face and hands, so they should not be too long.
Exercise is a healthy lifestyle, but because of the particularity of exercise, exercise towels are more likely to absorb sweat and breed bacteria than ordinary towels. Therefore, consumers need to buy high quality sports towels. How to choose a sports towel?

How to buy high quality sports towels

The selection of exercise towels is similar to that of regular towels. You can choose towels with good water absorption and air permeability. The following tips can be used to identify the quality of exercise towels

1.Hang up your workout towel and spray a small amount of water on it. If the water absorption is fast, the towel is good. If there are drops of water, the towel is poor water absorption. Not recommended.

2. Return a couple of sports towels with clean wet paper towels. If the towel is faded or the wet paper towel has a noticeable color, the color fastness of the sports towel is good. 3. Sports towels are made of pure cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber and other materials. Take a piece of cotton yarn at the edge and look at the black ash left after burning. If it’s not coagulated, it means it’s cotton or a natural fiber.

Many people will take a towel to wipe sweat when they exercise, but the towel will become heavy in the water and is very tired. They have to take it with them everywhere, which is inconvenient and troublesome. Dry towels only wipe away sweat and do not help cool down. It has been in use for a long time. Towels also smell of sweat and mildew, very uncomfortable ~

Is there a magic exercise gear that can cool down, wipe away sweat, and be light? If you like watching sports shows, you will find that many athletes, such as NBA stars, like to wipe their sweat with a towel.
But this towel is not just any towel, it’s a cold sports towel! It is highly absorbent. No matter how much you sweat during the summer or while working out, use it to dry off! It can also cool and cool again when it meets water. Exaggerate a BIT to say, IT CAN HEAD IN THE upper part of the air conditioning, instantly cool the body, take away heat!

However, ice felt towels are cooled without adding any chemical components and rely on the physical cooling of the towels themselves. Because the towel is made of ice-sensitive silk, it is composed of three layers of fabric, which are water absorption layer, water lock layer and moisture discharge layer. The cold silk fabric is made of extremely fine silk fibers, which are highly absorbent and can absorb twice their own weight in water. As the towel absorbs the moisture, it will be squeezed dry again. In this process, the water is not completely squeezed out, and some of it is stored inside the fabric. When needed, the water will be quickly transferred to the surface of the towel after a quick shake. When wiping sweat, the first contact with the skin is not the fabric, but a layer of water film on the surface. So every time you use it, it’s like pouring ice water on your head. Naturally, it’s more comfortable and cooler than regular fabric.


100% polyester Features:
1.Quick dry
2.Instant cool
4.Anti- UV
5.Chemical -Free
This material has the most price advantage.

50% polyester + 50% polythene Compared with 100% polyester and 45%
polyester+55% polyamide, those made from 50% polyester+50% polythene has the these features:
1. more absorbent
2. softer
3. colder than 100% polyester made towel
For fabric with 50% polyester+50% polyamide, it is hard to be dyed with dark colors.

45% polyester+55% polyamide Features:
1.Quick dry
2.Instant cool
4.Anti- UV
5.Chemical -Free
It feels colder than those made from 100% polyester.