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Cooling Hooded Towel

Size: 30*80cm(12*31inch) ,30x100(12*40inch)cm or custom
LOGO printing: Silk screen printing, transfer printing, embossed, embroidery or custom
Packaging: OPP bag, PVC bag, PET Bottle or Custom
Price:  2.3$
Min. order:  300

product details

In the long “history” of the launch of the headband, Xiaobian has encountered various inquiries from customers. The top two are:

Does the scarf protect against UV rays?

Is it too hot to wear a scarf outside in summer?
Over the past 10 years, we have worked tirelessly to provide customers with a variety of answers, such as the composition of the scarf, moisture absorption and sweating performance, easy to wind heat dissipation, etc. The unique knitting density of the scarf fabric also exceeds the UV protection effect of the general scarf. At one point, the UPF index hit 40+.
Ice silk scarves are out! The headband’s SPF and skin contact temperature have been maximized.
Fabric selection, wild color ice scarf using professional ice silk yarn, more breathable, silky. During wearing and using, the skin feels cold continuously and is not afraid of heat.

This is an amazing towel.

No refrigeration, no electricity, as long as there is water in it, you can keep cool.
Dip it in water, wring it out slightly, and place it on your head or neck to spread the chill over your body.
Pure physical cooling, very safe.
The product uses unique anti-cold materials to help indoor and outdoor athletes keep cool and comfortable for hours, so that athletes always stay in the best condition.
Cold towels are made of three layers of fabric, each of which is polyester. The material is light, breathable, safe, non-irritating, and has antibacterial and bactericidal effects.
The first layer absorbs moisture and keeps the body dry.
The second layer of fabric traps moisture, keeping water molecules inside the fiber.
The third layer of fabric absorbs moisture and cools as the water molecules evaporate, lowering the fabric temperature and thus the surface temperature of the human skin.
It can be used as headband, bandage (cooling and analgesic), sports towel, etc., which can be reused.
Wet and dry:
Dry use: slightly wring the cold towel after absorbing water, wrap it around the neck to cool down and absorb sweat, can be stored for several hours.
Wet method: Wash face and limbs directly with a wet cold towel to quickly cool down.
Calm down while running.
Wipe your sweat when you ride a bike.
You can also wear the towel to absorb sweat and cool down while commuting on a shared bike.
A must in hot, hot places, but also for relieving discomfort after sunburn.
When you are busy working, you feel dizzy. Around it, the cold feeling will wake you up instantly.
When not in use, simply hang to dry. When dried, the towel is hard and lumpy to prevent bacteria from invading and multiplying.

Cooling Hooded

Soak It:Soak the cooling towel into water
Wring It:Wring out the water
Shake It:Shake the towel 3-5 times
Wear It:Wear it on your neck

Blocks 98% of sun’s harmful UV rays

Soft and durable microfiber construction


Reusable, chemical free cooling

Lightweight, reusable cooling fabric


Cooling Hooded


Wet with water thoroughly
Wring out excess water
Snap three times to activate the cooling

Cooling Hooded