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Chair cover towel

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cotton & polyester blend
Size: 70*140cm(27*55inch) ,80*160cm(31*62inch) or custom
LOGO printing: Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  8.56$
Min. order:  500

product details

Beach chair cover can be put over the beach chairs, will be more comfortable, but also can be used at the pool.

The purchasing skills of folding chairs are as follows:

1. Attention to welding: If the folding chair is a steel frame structure, it should be noted that the welding point should be smooth and free of gaps, and the coating should look even and soft.
2. Pay attention to the thickness of steel pipe: if the folding chair is aluminum alloy pipe and mesh beach chair, the thickness of steel pipe is about 1.2 mm and it is better to have no impurities.
3. Pay attention to the firmness: depending on the overall quality of the frame, you can use two hands to shake the product back and forth, left and right, and shake it, which means the frame is firm
4. Pay attention to the quality of the wrapping cloth: those who buy leather can hold one place with their fingertips and pull it up. It feels powerful and has good recovery
5. Try to sit: try to sit in person to understand its comfort level. Every angle should be changed, and purchase after confirmation.

What materials are suitable for outdoor folding chairs towel

1. Oxford cloth

Folding chairs made of Oxford cloth are currently the main material for outdoor folding chairs. It is mainly made of thickened steel pipe as the main frame, and then covered with Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is not only beautiful, but also more durable. Most foldable beds have a double fabric construction, which improves the service life and comfort of the cushion surface.

2. Plastic film

This outdoor folding chair is made of steel pipe and plastic sheets. The plastic of the seat is very strong, but it doesn’t deform, so it’s hard to the touch. The frame and legs are made of square steel pipes sprayed with electrostatic silver powder. Square steel pipes are more durable than round steel pipes, providing an anti-slip effect and preventing scratches on the floor.

3. Aluminum alloy

The outdoor folding chair is mainly composed of aluminum alloy stool surface and steel tube stool leg. Aluminum alloy is lightweight, waterproof and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. Usually this kind of outdoor folding chair is used for outdoor picnics, camping, road trips, promotional events, night market stalls, etc.

How to choose outdoor folding chairs towel

1. Outdoor folding chairs are made of steel pipe and Oxford fabric. Under normal circumstances, the paint color of steel pipe should be black, stain resistant. The fabric is 600D. The color of the fabric is chosen according to each person’s preference. Generally speaking, brown or green is preferred. A high quality folding chair logo, generally in the high-end computer embroidered out, reflecting the atmosphere and quality of the high-end. If it’s wire mesh, it will look less impressive.

2. outdoor folding chair wiring straightness will seriously affect the appearance of the chair, bending wiring will appear uncomfortable.

3. The four-corner hardware of folding chair should be smooth and smooth, and the production technology of hardware is better. It is necessary not to galvanized, such as the natural color of iron or galvanized, will be greatly discounted.

4. folding chair back production is not firm, directly affect the quality of the chair. A good chair should be reinforced with plastic. The inferior products on the market are made of one or two layers of cloth. It doesn’t break after a long time. So make sure you ask when you buy something.

5. folding chair process design in place or not also directly affects the quality of folding chair. Use washers between the pipes so the chairs can shrink.

6. Outdoor folding chair of high quality should not be painted. Plastic parts should be smooth and flexible. The diameter of steel pipe should be at least 16mm. 13mm steel pipe may appear thinner. The paint on the steel pipe should be sprayed. At present, because of the high cost, generally do not use electroplating or spray process.

7. Folding chairs are often used outdoors. If the smart manufacturer designs a side pocket next to the surface of the chair, the host can easily store mobile phones, magazines, drinks and so on. If you’re a sketch artist, you can put in some brushes and so on; If you are a fisherman, you can put bait and so on. If it’s for family leisure, pack a pack of cigarettes or groceries.
In a word, small satchels will be popular with everyone.

8. Finally, real outdoor folding chairs should have a tag logo with specifications, enforcement standards, bar codes, and other information.

What is a folding chair

Folding chair, also known as folding chair and leisure folding chair, as the name suggests is a folding leisure chair. Foldable furniture, foldable, easy to move, save space. It is made of wood, iron, steel and other materials, is a common chair.

What are the pros and cons of folding chairs

More and more people are using folding furniture to save space. The folding chair is one of them. The advantages and disadvantages of this chair are very clear:

1. The advantages of folding chairs

(1) Small size. Folding saves a lot of storage space and helps to use space more efficiently. Very practical for small family and small space
(2) Easy to carry. Some folding chairs are lightweight and small because of their special design, which makes them very convenient to carry outdoors.
(3) Safety: many chairs have sharp parts. Folding chairs reduce space after folding. There are no sharp parts, and carrying and using them will not hurt anyone.

2. The disadvantages of folding chairs

The disadvantage of folding chair is mainly reflected in the following aspects: use restrictions, only suitable for small or outdoor use; In addition, the folding design requires joint connection, so it is easy to have gaps, easy to hide dirt and dirt, not easy to clean.
Generally speaking, folding chairs have both advantages and disadvantages. All in all, this is a very useful chair.

Where to use folding chairs

A folding chair is a seat that can be moved and folded. It was originally invented for military use. Folding chair as a special chair for military commanders on the battlefield, with the development of The Times, folding chair has also been used in many civilian fields, including:

1. Folding chairs can save space for small apartments. In addition, it is also suitable for factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums and other places.

2. Portable folding chairs can be used for camping, beach recreation, sports events, fishing and other places where outdoor chairs are needed.

3. Folding chairs are used in various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals and other places, which can provide a short rest and adapt to most temporary needs.

How do folding chairs open and level

A folding chair is a kind of leisure chair that can be folded. Collapsible when not in use, saving storage space. It can be opened into a chair if you want to sit. Some collapsible lounge chairs can also be laid flat so that people can lie on them, which is very convenient. How do you open and lay the folding chair flat?
The flat folding chair has a single structure. They generally consist of a seat surface and a backrest. Most have special handrails designed. Press the armrest, directly push back the backrest, put down fixed can be opened flat backrest; Some folding chairs have no armrests. The folding part is the part that rests the back on the surface of the seat.

Some folding chairs have a unique design and may be three-level. This requires starting with the pull loops on both sides of the recliner and pulling out the middle section, adjusting the length and width of the recliner according to the height of the body.

How do you fold a folding chair

Folding chairs are one of the pieces of furniture that people like to use. Easy to use, does not take up space. When you’re done, you can fold it up and put it away. How do you fold this folding chair?
1.Locate the “Release” button on the back of the folding chair so that the back is not tight.
2. Press the back of the folding chair slightly forward and fold the sides in half.
3. Flip the cushion over again so that the back is completely flat.
4. When recycling is needed, the back of the folding chair can be directly pulled away.

Notes for folding chair use

1. Folding chairs should be cleaned regularly. You can wipe with a neutral detergent diluted with warm water, then rinse with water, and finally wipe away any remaining water stains with a dry cloth.
2. For outdoor folding chairs, we should pay attention to regular dust removal and moisture-proof work to avoid affecting the service life of outdoor folding chairs.
3. Pay attention to the opening and folding method of folding chair, avoid brute force to open or close.

Chair cover

Other Material Option
Microfiber Suede
Microfiber Waffle
Microfiber Anti Slip

Compact & Portable
Folding beach towels in a few steps for easy storage

Chair cover

Quick drying towel with pillow for holiday sunbathing, the material is quick drying, more comfortable, enjoy your holiday