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Buff bandana

Material Polar Fleece
Size 25*30cm or customized
Design Choose our ready design in stock or send us your design
Weight 45g
Price:  0.52$
Min. order:  500

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Sports headscarf is one of the regular outdoor equipment
But do you really know how to use it? Small but versatile
Sun protection, wind protection, face mask and headband
Almost every outdoor player will have more than one outdoor headband.
But because of this, many people underestimate the role of outdoor headscarf, only regard it as decoration, and ignore its real use. Now let’s share with you the different uses of outdoor headscarf and how to wear it.

What is the use of outdoor headband?

The headscarf was originally a simple and simple small object invented by the ancient working people in order to avoid the sunlight when they were farming in the field.
Later, it was widely used and spread today, becoming a kind of jewelry and supplies with convenient use, wide use and affordable price.
Because there are more than ten kinds of different binding methods, which can change different effects, and because there are more than ten kinds of usage, it is also called as a variety of headscarf, multi-functional headscarf and magic headscarf.Especially with the popularity of outdoor activities, the headband has become one of the essential outdoor equipment for spreading wings.

1. Keep warm
Guapi cap: turn the headband over, put it on the ear and eyebrow, straighten the extra part, rotate it for several circles, turn it over, wrap it on the head, and make a double-layer Guapi cap.
Neck: put it around your neck and you’re done.
Mask: On the basis of the scarf, pull the scarf under the eyes, and cover the ears, so it is warm.

2. Wipe sweat
When you are cycling and climbing outdoors, you should wrap it around your wrist in three circles and two circles. At this time, the headband acts as a buffer and then a wrist guard. At this time, he rubbed his face with the scarf wrapped around his wrist, and the sweat was sucked away.

3. Tie one’s hair
Headband: fold the scarf into two layers, put it on your head, and pull out your hair. The width of the headband can be adjusted.
Head rope: Tie the hair in a circle with a headband, as long as you can tie a ponytail.

4. Decoration
Take a group photo in a flat place, especially a group photo.
Wrap such a scarf and take a picture. You will always be the most outstanding one when you get the photo.

How to clean the scarf correctly?

1. Clean with neutral detergent
Use neutral detergent for cleaning (such as detergent, hand sanitizer, etc.), and do not use detergent containing bleach or whitening agent.
Neutral detergent is the general name of synthetic detergent that is shown as neutral at standard use concentration. It refers to the detergent with pH=6-8 at the standard use concentration of 25 ℃. For example, synthetic detergents used for clothing, silk and wool are neutral.

2. Do not use softener
Do not use softeners to avoid damaging functional fibers and reducing performance. At the same time, some softeners contain nonylphenol-polyethoxy alcohols, which can cause cancer risk if discharged into the environment and then into the human body through water and food.

3. Do not put it into the washing machine for cleaning
Please soak it in clean water and rub it slightly. Do not put it into the washing machine to clean it, so as to avoid hair balls. The headband is made of superfine fiber structure. If you scrub it vigorously, it will destroy the structure and cause hair balls.

4. Do not expose to the sun
After washing, please dry it in a cool place. Do not expose it to the sun. This will not only fade the scarf, but also shorten its service life. The scarf usually dries quickly. If it is not urgent, don’t expose it to the sun.

Outdoor headwear is the most popular outdoor headwear equipment in recent years
A small piece of cloth
After magic binding
Produce various effects
More and more donkey friends like it
It’s wonderful because it’s simple

Buff bandana

BUFFS Bandanas
(95% Polyester, 5% Elastane)

skin friendly quick-drying
lightweight breathable 4-Way
bacteriostatic sunscreen

Buff bandana

UP Buff bandana O+, Multi-angle UV protection
Recycled materials, environmental protection and health

Buff bandana

Recyclable plastic bottles
Pulverize into small particles
Make it into eco-friendly fiber
Knit into a bandana
Biodegradation fiber extraction textile molding

Buff bandana

Control bacteria and taste, in order to stay healthy
No silver ion bacteriostasis will have odor
Silver ion bacteriostasis fre dor Buff bandana
Bacteria reside and multiply on the fabric
Bacteria are suppressed and killed on the fabric