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Beach towel with pocket

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cotton & polyester blend
Size: 70*140cm(27*55inch) ,80*160cm(31*62inch) or custom
LOGO printing Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  4.76$
Min. order:  100

product details

The net red in beach modeling is the beach towel
Since the last century, Miss Noble and Lady Noble will take a beach towel instead of a straw hat or sunglasses when they go to the beach. It also looks modern and fashionable when it is laid on the ground or draped on the body, even if it is held in the hand and clapped.

Can only be used as vases?

Of course not. It can also be used as carpet, shawl and wall decoration
You can put it under your body, or you can learn any large piece to make props. In addition, it can also be used as a shawl to resist the sun at the seaside and as a physical sunscreen prop. Or resist the harmful cold of sudden cooling at night.
As a beach towel, the 100% cotton material makes it have good water absorption and can wipe the water on your body.
After the trip, you can also take it home as part of the sofa shape or place it in any corner of the home!
Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, make an appointment with three or two friends, find a lawn near the mountains and rivers, bring food, spread beach towels, sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery and talk about life. How comfortable and romantic it is!
Go to the seaside to play and swim with your partner. How warm and romantic it is to wrap a beach towel after coming out of the water and wipe the residual sea water on your body!
Tired of playing, how comfortable and romantic it is to lay a beach towel on the beach, keep away the tide and sand, and enjoy the sunshine bath!

A beach towel big enough to wrap you up!

Whether it is a water park or an island or seaside, it is very suitable for playing with water and flying yourself in summer~
Use microfiber to make your beach towel dry quickly, and play with the heavy wet bath towel!
Exquisite lock edge protects the edge of beach towel, which is more durable~
Using high-end environment-friendly printing machine, the pattern is clear and not easy to fade, so that each beach towel pattern is exquisite, can withstand the sun and rain, and keep the color bright

If you are planning a perfect seaside or open-air swimming pool holiday trip, in addition to bikini, sunglasses, sandals, printed blouses and other necessary fashionable items, you also need an equally fashionable beach towel. Don’t underestimate its charm! The beach towel with a sense of design and vivid colors can immediately enhance your style during the holiday. The beach towel is an indispensable fashion for the seaside or swimming pool holiday!

When traveling to the seaside, many people will wear beach towels, which are convenient for activities on the beach, and also for sunshade and sunscreen. In fact, it is also a highly practical photographic prop. Some retro blockbusters often use it to create holiday scenes.
Beach towel and swimsuit are good friends. They can easily make sexy holiday films. Expose half of the shoulder like this, more provocative.
The beach towel and casual clothes also match well, so it’s very good to take photos. By the way, a large shawl can sometimes act as a beach towel.
For a beautiful beach towel, you might as well show it directly. It depends on your mood whether you show your face or not. Especially for those with Slogan elements, showing it can better express your attitude.
Even if you don’t use the beach towel and put it on the back of the chair, you can embellish the whole picture.
In addition to the seaside, you can also bring a beach towel to the lawn. The photos are full of pleasant.

Beach towel

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Beach towel