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Antibacterial Sport Towel

Material: Waffle / Suede / Terry / Anti slip / Cotton / Cationic
Size: 40*80(15*31inch)cm ,50*100cm(20*40inch) or custom
LOGO printing: Embroidery / Silkscreen / Emboss / Heat Transfer Printing or custom
Packaging: Mesh bag, color paper card, OPP bag, PVC bag, PE bag and so on
Price:  1.33$
Min. order:  1000

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In many cases, bacteria can cause serious harm to people, especially the elderly, children and women with weakened immunity, so pay attention everywhere in your life. Then we should try our best to eliminate the harm of bacteria to people. The most important thing is our personal hygiene — washing our face, taking a bath, household textiles and so on. With the improvement of people’s life quality, the improvement of material demand is an inevitable result. So today, materials and technologies are emerging in this field to ensure multi-level needs, and to confirm the theme of The Times — health and environmental protection. Health care products from small to large, such as antibacterial square towel, antibacterial towel, bath towel, etc. As the technology matures, the production cost of antibacterial towels is greatly reduced. Antibacterial towel has entered thousands of households, become the first choice of consumers.

Antibacterial towels should meet the requirements of GB18401.
Antibacterial towels are divided into national AAA standard, AA standard and A standard.
Note: According to the product use, a variety of test strains can be added. Washing times and bacteriostatic rate indicators will be determined by the Microbiological testing center.
Considering the reproducibility of the evaluation method, the microorganisms used for antibacterial evaluation were generally Escherichia coli (representing G negative bacteria) and Staphylococcus aureus (representing G+ positive bacteria) according to mitology.

Now the material side is rich. There are more and more kinds of towels, and the colors and styles are unique, so there are many problems when using them. Those faded towels, in particular, contain very high levels of carcinogens that can have dire consequences after long-term use.

So, what’s wrong with using a towel?

1. Towels that continue to fade are not environmentally friendly

Many towels are dyed. It’s normal for a newly bought towel to fade slightly for the first time. If it continues to fade, there are two possibilities. One is that the towels are reprocessed, and the other is that the towels use inferior dye. Inferior dyes are produced from waste materials and inferior chemical dyes at a cost of only one tenth of that of ordinary dyes. They also contain carcinogens, such as aromatic amines. When exposed to towels containing aromatic amines for a long time, aromatic amines are easily absorbed into the skin and can cause cancer or allergies. Aromatic amines can lie dormant in the body for up to 20 years. Therefore, washing your face with towels dyed with inferior dyes, just like washing your face with industrial waste water, can seriously damage your skin and endanger your health.

2. Are “antibacterial” towels really antibacterial

In addition to the variety of designs and colors, there are also many functional towels on the market, such as “antibacterial” towels. The “antibacterial” towels cost several times more than regular towels. If the fibers themselves are antibacterial, then the towel really is antibacterial.

3. The softer the towel, the more absorbent it is

The quality of the towel depends mainly on the yarn and fiber composition. Some towels have added softeners, which make them soft and smooth, but less absorbent. Now the towel on the market is generally divided into three kinds, water absorption is not the same. Citizens can be distinguished by a small label on the side of the towel.

Are you using a regular towel or an antibacterial towel? Do you know the properties of antibacterial towels?

First, know the difference between sterilization, bacteriostasis and antibacterial?
Bactericide: the action of nutrients and propagules that kill microorganisms;
Bacteriostasis: refers to the effect of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms;
Antibacterial: is a general term for inhibition and sterilization. Antibacterial includes bactericidal and bacteriostatic.
Antibacterial towel is not a towel that can suppress and kill all “bacteria.” It’s targeted. According to the requirements of FZ/T 62015-2009 antibacterial towel, the antibacterial rate of samples after washing for 20 and 50 times was calculated. Staphylococcus aureus ATCC6538 and Escherichia coli 8099 were detected.
Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, keep towels dry, wash and replace them regularly!

Antibacterial Sport

Super water absorbent

Microfiber fabric
Ultra soft high quality microfiber fabric

Well-crafted stitching
Laundry friendly, durable serging and stitching

Wash Label

Antibacterial Sport