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Why do cooling towels cool?

Cooling towel as the best-selling towel products in the last two years of summer, the function is very different, continuous cooling also has a significant difference, the price is a big difference !

Wuxi IVY as the earliest contact with ice cooling towel and in terms of domestic developers, in fact, the principle of ice cooling towel is very simple.

Cooling towel cooling principle: first of all, the construction of ice cooling towel, ice cooling towel is actually honeycomb mesh cloth, just different yarn, first of all, ice cooling towel wet, wringing, shaking, using the principle of water molecules encounter air throughout, itself will cool down, ice cooling towel using raw materials is polyester and nylon composite silk, super absorbent, raw materials in the process of spraying silk will be added to the cool sense of color masterbatch, dyeing and shaping will be added Moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking additives, so that the cool towel in contact with the skin will instantly absorb the heat of the body, while feeling the water molecules through the cool.

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