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Why choose recycled PET fabric instead of regular fabric?

1. Ordinary polyester fabric (Poly), which is chemically known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), has higher tensile breaking strength and tensile breaking elongation than cotton fiber, and has good heat resistance and thermal stability.

Did you know? It has been developed rapidly and produced in high volumes, and is known as the “crown of chemical fibers.
2. Recycled PET fabric (RPET) is a new type of environmental protection recycled fabric, its yarn is made from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles, so it is also known as Coke bottle environmental protection fabric (RPET fabric).

Did you know? It is a green recycled material that is now actively promoted worldwide and has been widely used in manufactured textile products. Recycled yarn can reduce the use of oil oh, each ton of finished yarn can save 6 tons of oil; the fabric can be recycled and reused, which can save energy, oil consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For every pound of recycled RPET fabric, it can save 61,000 BTU of energy, which is equivalent to 21 pounds of carbon dioxide.
While the advantages of regular polyester are significant,
Comparing the two: Eco-friendly polyester not only has the advantages of ordinary polyester, its promotion and application has a very positive effect on the global reduction of petroleum energy extraction and carbon emission pollution. It makes a contribution to reducing air pollution, saving resources and controlling the greenhouse effect. It tends to be more green, in line with the concept of sustainable development, is conducive to reducing the generation of waste, better protection of the environment, that is, good for people and good for the planet!

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