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“Do it yourself” is now involved in various industries, and everyone will try to make diy more or less.

Like Douyin’s popular diy renovation of old houses;
Earlier Halloween diy jack-o ‘-lantern;
DIY homework often assigned at school;
These days, it seems that if you can do something with your hands, diy is still easy. With so many Diy products, you probably haven’t tried diy towels before. Here’s to tell you that diy towels are really not difficult, and the finished product is beyond imagination. Two days ago, several parents came to our company with their children’s paintings at home and asked if they could help print them out for their children’s works.
As long as it’s a picture, we can definitely print it. The children’s paintings are created on the drawing board at home, and the parents take pictures with cameras, so our company also scans them into the computer, and then through the layout and color adjustment of our designers, the production effect is better and the color is more restored. (But the accuracy is still a little bit worse, mainly because the picture of the photo is not high, unlike the computer design can be directly set to 300dpi, less than 300dpi, so the precision of the finished product is slightly worse.)
However, the requirements for pictures are still very high. We support Ai, psd, pdf, tif, jpg, jpeg in the picture format. In order to ensure the quality and effect of printing, the pixel of the designed picture should not be less than 300dpi, and the minimum should not be less than 200dpi. The value can be RGB or CMYK, or if it is a spot color, you can provide the Pantone color number directly. For the precision and color of the product, high pixel and accurate color number is still very important.
Printing technology customization has no restrictions on pattern color, so any pattern any color can use digital printing technology to customize production, as long as you design your own favorite pictures, no matter what kind of, can be produced with a high degree of restoration.
Welcome to contact us diy custom towels~~
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