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Choosing the best Towel to keep

Choosing the best to keep the best is one of my favorite sayings.

For example, you take a lot of photos, if you keep all of them, after a period of time you may not know which photos are what you need, but choose the photos you like and delete all the rest of the photos, you will remember these photos, these photos are retained boutique.

In our printed towel industry, products also need to choose the best, after all, high-quality products always need to choose comparison to show the advantage. Do you know how to choose the best printed towel?

Printed Cooling towel 1

● If you can choose digital printed towel, choose digital printed towel

Printed towels, of course, should be selected from the printing effect. The printing technology on the market is mainly digital printing and traditional printing. The traditional printing has restrictions on the pattern matching color, and the minimum order quantity is very large. The printing production can be carried out only by making plates (making plates takes about 2 weeks + making plates costs about 3000 yuan). Digital printing towel without plate making, low minimum order quantity, fast production speed, there is no pattern color restriction and printing effect restoration is very high, the use of ink is also imported environmentally friendly ink, you can rest assured to use.

● Fabric selection of cotton gram weight high

When choosing printed towels, choose cotton ones if they are available. The towels we generally use are made of cotton. Cotton is very comfortable to use, feels good, and rarely causes skin infection. Cotton towels are also the most popular towels for users on the market. Gram weight is on behalf of the weight of a square meter towel, the heavier the towel on behalf of the thicker, there is also a saying on the market: the higher the gram weight of the towel, the higher the quality.

Printed golf towel

● Smell

Printed towels use ink, so you can smell them as you choose. Inferior ink will have a pungent taste, we do not choose to use, high-quality ink not only high color rate, green environmental protection, also will not have any odor, we can rest assured to use.

● Look at the box

Regular manufacturers of towels will generally be marked on the packaging box or towel manufacturer, telephone, address, fabric composition, and small workshops or inferior manufacturers will not leave any information on the towel.

It seems so much, do you know how to choose the best digital printed towel?

If you don’t want to choose bit by bit, you can directly choose our company.

Our company is also the industry choice of digital printed towel manufacturers.

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