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Why is your towel slippery, sticky and smelly

No matter you wash your face, wipe your feet, or clean your body, you should have a close contact with the towel every day.
But~did you really choose the right towel? You can’t be careless with such intimate things~
Towels, which have the most direct skin contact with us every day, should be used to wipe your face in the morning and your body in the evening.
The choice of towels should be careful and fastidious:
What raw material? Is there hair loss? How does it feel? Is it soft? How about the water absorption performance? Is it dry after wiping? How durable is it? Can it keep fluffy and smooth?
Long staple cotton in Xinjiang provides good conditions for cotton growth because of its long sunshine duration and large temperature difference between day and night.
Long staple cotton here is called the “Cotton Queen”.
The growth cycle of long staple cotton is 10-15 days longer than that of ordinary cotton, and it can only be picked by flower pickers, which is much more expensive.
The price of ordinary cotton is 12000 yuan/ton, while that of long staple cotton is 28000-300 yuan/ton.
The most important thing about a towel is its material. The variety and origin of cotton are related to the softness and durability of the towel.
In the spinning process, the combing procedure is specially added to remove short fibers and impurities, so that the woven face towel is more durable and not easy to shed hair and pilling.
The fiber of long staple cotton is slender and soft, with good glossiness and durability.
By using the forging process, the texture of the face towel is improved, and the satin design of matte and bright contrast is more abundant.
Choose a really good facial towel. In addition to touching directly, you can also see its hard parameters.
GSM: determines whether it is thick or not, and whether it is good at water absorption.
It absorbs water almost instantaneously. Whether it’s wiping sweat during exercise or wiping your body after taking a bath, you don’t need to wipe it for the second time.
A little knowledge of science popularization, in fact, “pure cotton” and “100% cotton” are two different concepts:
As long as the cotton content reaches 75%, it can be called a pure cotton towel; Only when the cotton content reaches more than 95% can it be called 100% cotton.
The cotton towel can give play to the characteristics of soft cotton and strong water absorption.
1. Class A first class product, soft as clouds, can also be used by babies
This 100% cotton towel is made of long staple cotton, a good natural cotton, and the standard reaches Class A first grade.
Class A towels are not only soft and skin friendly, but also pollution-free in the whole process of production. All indicators meet the first grade standard (no formaldehyde, no odor, no carcinogenic aromatic amine).
The texture is fine and smooth, and the touch is soft and comfortable like clouds with a slight poke.
2. Instantly inhale for 3 seconds, take a bath, and dry your hair as soon as you wash it
The professional way to judge the water absorption of towels is to cut a small towel and put it into the water. The faster it sinks, the better the water absorption is.
We did a comparative test:
In addition, pour 350ml of water onto this long staple cotton towel, and immediately lift the towel. No extra water comes out of the tray.
It can be imagined that when you come out of the bathroom after taking a bath every day, you can use it to gently press on your skin, and it will immediately dry and improve your sense of happiness.
Especially in winter, people with fast hands and feet can dry their bodies with national long staple cotton towels in 30 seconds,
The body is still warm after wearing clothes.
3. Durable without shedding and pilling
Before that, we have tested many expensive towels, many of which simply pursue the ultimate softness, but are easy to lose hair, and are stained all over the face and body, so the experience is not good.
Please follow the following principles when using towels:
No sharing: Never use a towel for more than one person, especially adults and children cannot share a towel. This is because it is very easy to cause cross transmission of bacteria, such as influenza, red eye disease, hand, foot and mouth disease, which will be transmitted to others through towels.
One person with more towels: men prepare three wipes to wipe their faces, hands and feet. And women should prepare one more to wipe their private parts.
Regular replacement: towels can be eliminated once every 3 months!

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