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The beach towel is really eye-catching on the beach

What attracts people to the beach
Of course, it’s full of bikinis
But apart from the bikini, I believe what attracts everyone’s attention is the beach towel
Is it right that you look silly? In fact, it’s nothing silly. You can go to the beach to have a look.
In fact, it can be said that beach towel is one of the necessary items to play on the beach. It is impossible to directly lie down on the beach when you are resting on the beach in the sun. At this time, you need a beach towel to make yourself comfortable in the sun.
In addition, if you go to the beach, you will definitely go to the sea. At this time, if you have a beach towel, you can quickly dry your body. In fact, if the skin is exposed to the sun when it is wet, the effect of sun exposure is three times that of ordinary times. In this case, it is easy to cause skin dryness and sunburn. However, if the sea breeze enters the body, it will cause your own cold and rheumatism. At this time, if you have a beach towel, you can not only dry the water stains on your body, but also play a role in heating.
Of course, many consumers now use beach towels not only as a function of beach towels, but also as a beach accessory.

1. Should I wash the beach towel after using it
All you need.
Beach towel is a personal product, pay attention to clean. First of all, the beach towel of different people must be separated, not mixed together, because the beach towel is in direct contact with the skin, everyone’s skin is different. Mixed use may cause cross bacterial infection, unsanitary; Secondly, the beach towel must be washed after each use, because the beach environment is dirty. While a beach towel is relatively dirt-resistant, it will inevitably get dirty. Especially when the beach towel is laid on the ground, it can also get sand. Therefore, it should be cleaned immediately after cleaning and dried in time.
2. How to use sticky sand to wash beach towels
After using the beach towel on the beach, because the sand on the beach is wet, it can easily get on the beach towel in the sun and is not easy to clean.

How do you wash the beach towel?
Step 1 Rinse the detergent with warm water, soak it in a beach towel for 15 minutes, and rub it in with your hands. Use a lot of washing powder in the area with sand and rub it vigorously to remove sand and stains.
2. Soak in brine for half an hour, then put in clean water and add neutral detergent for cleaning.
3. First, soak the beach towel in hot water for 20 seconds, then quickly remove it, soak it in ice water for 10 seconds, remove the lime to dry, then pat the sand with your hands.
4. Soak a beach towel in clean water with a little salt and vinegar. Don’t put in detergent. Use both hands to pull the beach towel directly at both ends, pulling it to a certain length, but don’t overdo it. Shake a beach towel in clean water a few times and the sand will shake off automatically.
The cleanliness of the beach towel is very important. After all, lie on it and touch it directly. Be sure to dry in time after cleaning, otherwise there will be odor.

1. Various ways to enclose beach towels
A summer beach vacation is a popular choice, but summer beaches can be hot, so it’s necessary to bring a cool beach towel to protect against sun exposure. Many friends say they don’t know how to wear a beach towel. Here’s how to wear a beach towel:
1. Simple approach around
Once you’ve folded your beach towel, wrap it from front to back, then fold it loosely across your chest or to the side of your shoulder; If you choose a bright beach towel, wear it with plain wide-legged pants or a skirt. This enclosure is very simple, suitable for friends who do not know how to dress.
2. Long – rimmed scarf
This waist is characterized by leaving a third of the length at the right shoulder, and then gently bringing the excess around the left shoulder and onto the right shoulder. It’s easy, it looks fresh, and it’s thin. Pair well with shorts or skirts.
3. Flat corner knot enclosure method
Wrap the towel symmetrically around your chest and tie a large square knot or bow. This way of wrapping is very feminine with a simple dress

2, how to better match the beach towel
In addition to being used on the beach, beach towels can also be used as a trendy piece of streetwear. Pay attention to collocation techniques. Simple beach towels can be made into trendy fashion. 1. Pink beach towel and white tie
The combination of white and pink is very soft and easy to wear for a girly look. Choose a more colorful beach towel for a more beautiful and youthful look. Likewise, a white beach towel can be worn with a pink outfit for the same effect.
2. A beach towel and a white dress
Patched-color beach towels already contain at least two colors. If you pair it with a colorful outfit, it will look more rustic. Choose the same color as one of the clothes, or go straight to white for a more stylish look.
3. Floral beach towel + solid color dress
The colored beach towel must not be paired with the same colored dress, or it will look like a walking palette. It is best to choose a solid color skirt that is consistent with the main color of the colored beach towel.
4. A gray beach towel with a black tie
The combination of black and grey looks deep, reserved and mysterious. For example, a black dress with a large grey beach towel looks very impressive.

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