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Sunglasses, bikini, sun visor, you still need a beautiful beach towel

The summer is over now. It’s time to hurry up and go to the seaside to play. I often see friends around me go to the beach to play. It seems that the photos shared are not only sea, but also sea. When others go to the beach to play, those matches can really add more points.
Bikinis attract people’s eyes on the whole beach. The beautiful women with good figure can not mention how attractive they are when they wear a bikini that shows their figure. The digital printed customized beach towel can compete with the bikini on the beach.
As the name implies, beach towels are towels used on the beach. These beach towels are generally made of 100% cotton fabric, which will be much larger than bath towels. Moreover, beach towels have bright colors and rich patterns. It is mainly used for outdoor play, body brushing and covering after sports, and also used for laying on the beach or grass. Now most people will choose pure cotton beach towels when they choose beach towels.

What material are beach towels made of? A beach towel is a kind of towel. Generally made of pure cotton yarn, the size is larger than the bath towel. Its main features are bright colors and rich patterns. It is mainly used for outdoor play, body brushing and covering after sports, and can also be spread on the beach or grass. Most people choose pure cotton beach towels with beautiful colors and patterns.

Making of beach towel:
Now the traffic is so developed that it doesn’t take a day to travel from the northeast to Hainan. In this case, more people, especially inland people, are willing to go to the beach during the holidays. The beach is always a sea of joy for people. Here you can take off your shoes, relax your feet and experience the softness of the sand. However, you cannot sit on the beach or lie on the beach when you are tired, which requires a beach towel. The emergence of beach towels has played a big role in promoting seaside tourism. Thanks to beach towels, people are free to sit and lie down while playing on the beach!

Beach towel map and selection
1. Material selection: the beach towel has pure cotton, polyester chemical fiber, mulberry silk, etc. The average beach towel is pure cotton, comfortable and cheap.

2. Color options: Beach towels come in many colors and patterns, but there are also solid color beach towels. Solid colored beach towels are only one color, very simple, and look refreshing; Printed beach towels are colorful and rich in patterns. Buying a beach towel like this can also catch people’s attention.

3. Size choice: Beach towels are usually large to make it easier to lie on the beach. However, if the beach towel is too large, it is not easy to carry and wear, and the price will be more expensive. Therefore, depending on the size of the individual, it is convenient to tie a beach towel on the beach at any time.

Solid color beach towel or printed beach towel
It can be said that more and more people are going to the beach in summer. Generally speaking, people go to the beach to play with beach towels, not only can shade, but also can play a good decorative role. There are two main types of beach towels popular in the market: solid and printed. So which one is better?

1. Plain beach towels are usually simple colors. It’s simple, but it looks fresh, like a plain shirt, for a more comfortable feel.

2. Printed beach towel You can print various designs on your beach towel. The digital printing technology widely used today places no restrictions on color matching and patterns. It is very fashionable to design and customize patterns to suit your needs.

In general, solid colors and printed beach towels are better. Solid-colored beach towels, by contrast, are more environmentally friendly and are better for those who want to keep a low profile; For fashion, you can choose a printed beach towel.

What color is good for a solid beach towel
Many friends like clean and simple, solid color beach towel, so how to choose the color of solid color beach towel?
1. Red: Red beach towels are great for different environments and are attractive even on the beach.

2. Yellow: Yellow beach towels go well with the color of the beach.

3. Blue: Blue is not eye-catching, but it is the same color as the blue sky and the sea, giving people a fresh, harmonious and natural feeling.

4. White: White is a versatile color. In hot summer, white CAN BE ESPECIALLY RELAXED, HAVE BETTER BASk IN THE EFFECT.

5. Green: Green is the color of life. Wearing a green beach towel will make you feel energized.

All in all, beach towels come in a variety of colors that you can choose. It is best to choose according to your own preferences. It is generally recommended to choose light colors, bright colors will not appear tacky. After all, beach towels come in all colors on the beach; Just don’t choose anything too dark, as the sun is still strong on the beach. If you wear a dark colored sandtowel, you will be heavily exposed to the sun.

1. What is a microfiber beach towel
Microfiber beach towel refers to the beach towel made of polyester nylon composite silk and three-wire suture process. Using high quality microfiber fabric, soft texture, excellent hand feeling, with antibacterial, moisture absorption, sweat and other functions. Microfiber beach towel is widely used, commonly used in bathing, outing, beach vacation, opening ceremony gifts and other fields. As a kind of environment-friendly fabric, microfiber is an excellent substitute for pure cotton products, which is widely used in the production of various cleaning supplies and fashion sports supplies.

2. What are the advantages of microfiber beach towel
There are many types of beach towels and they are usually pure cotton. However, microfiber beach towels are also available on the market. The advantages of this microfiber beach towel are:
1. Good water absorption
Most beach towels are for the beach. People who have just come out of the sea have a lot of water. Microfiber beach towels quickly absorb water from your body.
2. Feel comfortable
Beach towels made from microfibers are comfortable to the touch. It is very comfortable to wrap around your body or use it to dry water droplets on your body.
3. The dust
Beaches aren’t as clean as homes, so beach towels are often dirty when used, and microfiber products are good for stain resistance, so they’re better for outdoor towels.
4. Long service life
Microfiber beach towels also last much longer than regular ones, up to about six months in normal use.
Microfiber beach towels are so useful that with the development of technology, they can also be printed. The patterns and colors are increasingly beautiful, making it a great material for beach towels.

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