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Sports towel, your exclusive sports equipment!

The life scenes described by the poet vividly reflect people’s yearning for a better life with beautiful landscapes. Nowadays, the most luxurious living dream of people living in the reinforced concrete forest is undoubtedly to be close to nature and enjoy leisure. The fresh green and natural flower fragrance not only purify the dirty air, but also bring a moment of peace to the mind.
The park can take you away from the heat of summer, stop the sandstorms in spring and autumn, avoid the cold of winter and keep you away from PM2.5, which is thick all the year round. Of course, the park has brought more changes to life than these. If you have a home near the park, perhaps on the balcony or in front of the window, you can enjoy the infinite beautiful scenery; If you want to get closer to the beautiful scenery and feel the natural scenery of towering trees and green grass, you can go out of the house and “move” the park to feel the comfort of life. The park sports enjoy the ecological oxygen bar. The old and young are in harmony, and the family lives happily. The old people in the family walk on the path with each other, the children roll happily on the grass, and the gentle mother sits on the bench, The beautiful woman with good figure is jogging… Life in the park is so happy. And such a thing, although it can take a walk in the park every day, is a pleasant thing.

When you buy towels, I’ll give you five details

As ordinary people, it is difficult for us to master the professional knowledge to distinguish between them, so I recommend 5 towel details to help you choose a good towel.

1. The label
Qualified towels will be labeled with information about the material of the towel. Towels of different materials are naturally different. For example, pure cotton is soft and comfortable. It is best for washing your face because it is close to your skin.

2. Terry
This is a very valid judgment. The more and longer the rings on the towel, the softer the towel will be, the better quality it will be, and the faster it will absorb water.

3. The texture
Good towels feel elastic, fluffy soft texture, feel comfortable. If the hands are still soft after drying with wet water, she is a good towel.

Process of 4.
Check the towel for colorless leakage, stains and other appearance defects, and carefully observe the sewing edge and the end of the towel. Good quality towel fine workmanship, rarely appear line phenomenon. Poorly made towels will have a variety of decolorization and thread ends.

5. The heavier the towel weight, the more material, the higher the cotton content, the better the quality. On the contrary, the lighter the towel, the worse the quality. For the same price, we will choose towels with strong water absorption and heavy weight.

Take 10 seconds to think about it. When was the last time you changed your towel?
Aha, did you spend 10 minutes wondering how long it’s been since you changed your towel

In an experiment conducted at Peking University People’s Hospital, bacteria were grown on fresh towels, towels that had been used for three months, and towels that had been used for more than six months. The results showed that the colonies of new towels were around 100 per square centimeter, the colonies of towels used for 3 months were around 10,000, and the colonies of towels used for 6 months were almost full of bees, estimated to be around 1 million.

If you wash your face with bacteria every day, no wonder skincare is more expensive, but your skin is still in bad shape.
So it’s time for a new towel!
There are many types of antibacterial towels on the market, and there will always be one for you.

Towel is a kind of household articles often used in our daily life. It is usually used to wipe the body, so the towel often comes into contact with people’s skin. As we all know, the skin is the body’s first line of defense. Some people are born with sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. With the development of science and technology, different towels are made of different materials, giving people different feelings in terms of comfort and hand feel. So, what are the pros and cons of so many different types of towels on the market?

Velvet towel is a very common towel on the market, but also a lot of consumers choose a towel at home. To cut a towel is to cut a normal towel to a certain extent. Cutting velvet towel is generally divided into one – sided cutting velvet and two – sided cutting velvet. Velvet cut towels are characterized by softness and comfort. Especially on the fluffy side. In addition, compared with ordinary towels, velvet towels also have stronger moisture absorption, loved by many consumers.

Bamboo charcoal fiber towel is also favored by many consumers. In the past, most of our towels were made of cotton, but with the progress of technology, this bamboo charcoal fiber towel is slowly replacing this cotton towel and the market. Bamboo charcoal fiber towels have longer service life than ordinary towels. Because of advanced technology, bamboo charcoal fiber towel also has certain antibacterial properties, not easy to breed bacteria. Even after a long period of practical use, they are not easy to set.

In addition to the aforementioned velvet cut towel, bamboo charcoal fiber towel, twisting yarn towel is also a towel often used in daily life. The advent of untwisted yarn was a major advance in the quilt and knitting industries and was widely used in a variety of similar industries. No twist is a technique. Cotton yarns are usually twined together, compact, coarse and washable. No twist is to remove the strength of cotton yarn. Single strand yarn is relatively soft, feel fluffy, touch better. This towel comfort is very good, moisture absorption effect is very significant, in the beauty industry is very widely used.

When using towels daily, pay attention to personal hygiene, often take out towels to dry.
What does a good towel look like
Towels are made of cotton, so the first factor that determines softness is the quality of the cotton, followed by reasonable weaving process design.
The water absorption
There are two concepts here. One is large water absorption, the other is fast water absorption. Towels that weigh more than 120 grams will absorb a lot of moisture. At the same time, cotton grade is high, twist is small, wool ring length is long, water absorption is fast. So in the choice of towel, as long as the choice of good cotton, will choose soft, fluffy, bibulous.
There is no loss
I’m sure everyone who uses towels will laugh at this question. Why aren’t there any towels that don’t shed? In fact, all cotton towels are more or less fluffy/sloughed.
The quality of

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