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Small square towel helps you show your taste

Small square scarves can help you show your taste. In fact, small square scarves have always been a popular product among consumers. Especially in Japan, almost everyone will carry a small square scarf with them. Whether adults or children, they have been implementing the idea of carrying square scarves with them since childhood.
But in fact, in addition to using the square towel as a small object to wipe, it is also very good to use it as a match for wearing. It can also show its own taste.

The material and characteristics of the towel
Cotton towel
Pure cotton towels are made of pure cotton yarn, and woven fabrics with raised or trimmed surfaces are made of cotton. It doesn’t cause any damage to the skin. So very suitable for allergic people to use, cotton towels are generally relatively soft.
Bamboo fibre towel
Bamboo towels have many advantages. In addition to its original properties, it also has a good antibacterial effect and a very high water absorption rate, which is twice that of ordinary towels. Long service life, antifouling, not easy to mold.
Jacquard towel
Jacquard towels are towels made of yarn made of different fabrics, colors or raw materials that are woven into various patterns on a jacquard machine. Jacquard towel has complex structure, exquisite patterns, rich and changeable colors, and its design and weaving process are also complex.
Velvet cut towel
Cutting the wool towel is to cut the wool circle of ordinary towel, so that the surface of the towel is covered with a layer of flat hair. Velvet cutting towels can be cut on both sides or on one side. On the other side is terry cloth. Velvet cut towels are characterized by softness and are very comfortable to use. It’s more hygroscopic and softer than normal towels.
Protein fibre towel
Protein fiber towel is made of natural silk, soy protein, milk protein fiber and other raw materials. It fits the skin better. Soy protein towels are made from soy fiber and acrylonitrile. It contains hydrophilic protein molecules, such as amino and hydroxyl groups. It has pleasant luster, smooth feel and rich elasticity.
Corn fibre towel
Towels made from corn fiber will not irritate the skin. It is made mainly from wheat and other starches. Because it is an environmentally friendly raw material, corn fiber, very safe for human body, good for human health.

6 Easy ways to Choose a towel
Look, look at this
Good towels are soft and brightly colored. Whether printed or plain, as long as the material is exquisite and the workmanship is perfect, it will be very beautiful. A good towel has a clear pattern and looks textured at first glance.
Smell the smell
A good towel won’t smell. If you can smell candles or ammonia, it means there’s too much softener in your towel; If there is a sour taste, the PH value may exceed the standard; If there is a pungent odor, the use of a color fixing agent containing formaldehyde, has been separated from some formaldehyde. These things are harmful to people’s health and cannot be bought.
Color fastness was determined by immersion method
High quality towels usually use reactive dyes. When dyeing a dark towel, a large number of hydrolyzed dyes are adsorbed on the fiber, which is not easy to clean, and the first washing will cause decolorization. However, it should be noted that if the light towel fades too much after the initial washing, or the dark towel still fades after repeated washing, the dye is not qualified.
Touch, feel
A good towel is fluffy and soft. The towel has an elastic feel and is soft and comfortable to apply to the face, but it is not greasy, which is caused by too much softener. Too much softener not only affects water absorption, but also is not good for our health.
Drip – Drip detection
A good towel absorbs water well. If water drops on a towel, a good towel will soak in quickly. And the towel with poorer quality of a material can form impermeable water drop, SHOW TOWEL in softener IS EXCESSIVE.
Choice — Choose brands
Any product choice, we should choose a strong brand to buy. Because some well-known enterprises have gradually accumulated a certain degree of visibility and reputation, if you are not sure what towel to choose, you can circle a few brands first, and then understand their reputation before making a decision.

How to Use a towel
1. When we buy back towels, we should clean them carefully before using them. At the same time, we can also check the towel for hair removal and discoloration.
2. In daily life, towels should be placed in ventilated and dry places after use to prevent bacteria from breeding.
3. When washing towels regularly, in addition to laundry liquid and softener, add a bottle of cap neutral clothing sterilizing liquid to clean them.
4. If the towel is used for a long time, it will be covered with body secretions. Therefore, the towel can be changed every three months for the best cleaning effect.

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