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How much do you know about yoga towels?

Many yoga enthusiasts will spread the yoga towel on the yoga mat when they are practicing yoga, so that our body can avoid directly contacting the yoga mat.
Put the towel on the yoga mat to absorb sweat (you should know that when doing yoga, the body will discharge a lot of sweat and drop it on the yoga mat, causing uncomfortable sticking. At this time, you can use this super absorbent towel to spread it on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat; prevent absorbing bacteria on the yoga mat, and prevent some facial movements approaching the yoga mat and inhaling bacteria or dust mites when doing yoga). However, the yoga mat is not easy to clean, The yoga towel can be easily cleaned and carried, so it is necessary to practice yoga!
My personal yoga mat is like this, let alone the public yoga mat. At this time, the yoga towel will play its role well!

This towel will improve your exercise experience by 80%!
Slowly close your eyes to the soft music
Just relax and let your mind drift
The first time I touched yoga, I was attracted by the harmony and serenity it brings
With flexibility to shape tough, this is the charm of yoga
A yoga mat that you can start anywhere, anytime
A dialogue between body and soul
Add a yoga towel
It can help you have a better yoga experience
In the meantime, avoid embarrassment at the yoga studio
In short, a yoga towel is a companion to a yoga mat

What are the characteristics of a great yoga towel?
Soft and comfortable
The front of the cloth is made of 90% polyester and 10% nylon. The fine fiber surface adds softness, helps reduce friction between joints and the ground, and quickly absorbs sweat.

Prevent slippery and durable
In yoga, many poses require support. We use rubber fabric on the back of the towel to enhance the anti-slip function. Either on its own or in conjunction with a yoga mat, it will keep your yoga routine flowing, avoiding slips and postural walking.

A prerequisite for
For many beginners, it can be difficult at first to find the position and keep the body in the same plane. This towel is designed for beginners to help you quickly find the right position and guide the right form.

Easy to clean and care for
Wipe with a damp sponge and add a few drops of plant essential oil to the water to reduce odors and disinfect. The next time you use it, it will still have a natural fragrance. Of course, you can be lazy and throw it in the washing machine

Lightweight and portable
1.5mm thick, used alone, makes your yoga pose more stable. If you practice in a yoga studio, you can spread it out on a public yoga mat to avoid direct contact with the sweat and body odor of the previous yoga practitioner. It’s healthier! Essential for travel and yoga practice

Use and care of yoga towels
How to use: Lay the yoga mat flat, then lay the side with the anti-slip particles close to the mat. Note: The side of the anti-slip particle is attached to the yoga mat, if the anti-slip effect is not enough, you can use the reverse (the anti-slip point is flat up).
Direct use in the field: because the towel is very light and easy to hit, if it is not convenient to take ordinary PVC yoga mat for outdoor yoga, mountain yoga, seaside yoga, hot yoga, etc., you can take the towel and lay it flat on the ground, grass, beach, and put the grain face down, you can easily do yoga on it.
Other uses: Stay warm while resting: Whether it’s summer or winter, we all need to rest for at least ten minutes after yoga. After exercise, the body will sweat a lot, if you do not cover things, it is easy to get sick. At this time, the soft side of the yoga shop towel is next to the body, covering the body, can absorb sweat to keep warm.

Yoga towels are one of the most important products to improve your yoga experience. There are a lot of things to do before you buy:
1. Decide whether to buy online or in a store (when you buy in a store, you can see the physical object. Here we talk about the precautions of online shopping)
2. Price yoga store towels according to your budget so you can roughly identify the brand. Please refer to the yoga towel price list
3. Look at the size of your yoga mat. Your yoga towel needs to exceed the size of your yoga mat. Typically, yoga MATS are 173 by 61cm or 183 by 61cm. Choose a standard 183 × 63cm yoga towel.
4. Determine if you need silicone to prevent skidding. Usually, this is standard with yoga towels (clubs, pentagons, drops, and even points can be preferred). Of course, I especially like store towels that don’t have skid spots. I can also choose pure fiber store towels first.
5. Yoga store towels come in a wide variety of colors, not red, yellow, or blue. You can choose according to your personal preference. If you don’t have a color you like, you can switch to another product or brand.

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