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Customized towel makes your sports more refreshing

It is believed that as more and more people like sports, everyone is already familiar with the existence of a cold felt towel in the sports towel industry. In fact, the cold felt sports towel is designed specifically for sports. It has optimized the design of materials, specifications, dimensions, water absorption and other aspects for sports, so it is different from the towels of ordinary products, and is an essential product for aerobic sports, outdoor adventure, and travel. Its water absorption, air permeability and other comprehensive qualities are better than ordinary household towels. Sports towel has super water absorption, large water absorption, fast water absorption, soft texture, easy to wash and dry. It is used to wipe wet hair and absorb sweat, and the effect is very good. It is better than ordinary towels when wiping during exercise.

Why do people like custom towels these days?
Society is developing rapidly, and everyone’s consumption level is also improving. Especially in the daily use of small objects, we also change from basic use requirements to personalized aesthetic requirements. In fact, as a commonly used towel, it has not only been limited to face washing and wiping, now people’s requirements for towels have shifted to more personalized towels. Why do people like custom towels these days?
Let’s talk about printed custom towels.
Because towels contain all kinds of things in the world.
In fact, most people’s mind of towel customization may be limited to solid color, jacquard, embroidery.
In fact, with the advancement of technology, today’s towels are much more than just these simple customizations. And printing technology is developing very rapidly, including gift giving, activity customization, football game promotion, anniversary celebrations, brand promotion, background wall customization, etc., are all derived from printing customization technology.
In fact, many of today’s towels are custom made, from the beginning of custom techniques such as embroidery, jacquard and embossing, to the emergence and development of traditional and digital printing technologies. Printing custom technology also makes the technology more perfect with the development of The Times.
Compared with traditional printing, digital printing technology is more perfect in terms of customization.
Digital printing without plate – making, proofing time is short, low price
Low MOQ for digital printing
Digital printing products have high precision and good effect
Short production cycle, fast digital printing speed
Digital printing is more intelligent
Of course, even more attractive is that digital printing can be customized with no restrictions on size, pattern, or color. It really is what you want. Therefore, a variety of sizes, styles, types of square towel, face towel, sports towel, bath towel, beach towel, background paintings have come into being.
In addition, people’s life is getting better and better, and consumers’ pursuit of quality of life is also improving. Now people like fast fashion, but they like to personalize it. At this stage, traditional printing cannot meet the needs of many consumers, while the unlimited customization of digital printing is just suitable for the market, the production needs of consumers, and the current environmental development.
Now the market to introduce digital printing technology manufacturers more and more, but can stable mass production, quality assurance enterprises are few, so we must choose regular enterprises to order production.

Towel internal quality indicators
The INTERNAL QUALITY OF the towel includes weight deviation rate, breaking strength, water absorption rate, hair removal rate, fiber content deviation, color fastness (resistance to washing, abrasion, chlorine bleaching) and towel water immersion rate.
Towels are divided into superior, first-class and qualified products according to internal quality indicators.
The towel water extract shall comply with GB/T 27754-2011 “Limit Value of household textile towel Water extract”. In this standard, the water extraction limit of towels is shown in the table below. The evaluation indexes of water extract included PCP content, liquid staining and transparency.
Chlorophenol (PCP) is a traditional textile preservative that can prevent the growth of fungi and inhibit the corrosion of bacteria. On October 27, 2017, in the list of carcinogens published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO), PCP was included in the list of Group I carcinogens, and its content was strictly limited in the towel standard (≤5.0mg/kg).

Towel appearance quality index
The towel appearance quality index includes the deviation rate of specification size, defect and sewing quality.
In appearance quality, also divided into excellent, first-class and qualified products three levels.
It can be clearly seen that superior products in the appearance quality indicators are “far ahead”, not allowed to have linear defects, strip defects, oil stains, stains and other defects. At the same time, skipping needles and straggling are definitely not allowed!

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