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Don’t let sweat blur your vision. How to choose a sports towel?

In addition to sufficient drinking water, there is also a necessary equipment for playing football in summer, that is, towels! When you sweat a lot, no matter what kind of high-tech fabric jersey you are, sweat will stick on your body and make you feel particularly uncomfortable! It is believed that the Brazilian team Marcinios’ action of wiping sweat with his jersey should be the most popular move used by his partners on the court in summer. But if you bring a towel and wipe it with a towel after the sweat has soaked the jersey, the effect will be completely different. Whoever tries will know!
Don’t feel troublesome when you play football with a towel. Even if you don’t have to dry the football before leaving, it is good for you. Professional players will dry their sweat as soon as possible after the game or after they forget to warm up to avoid catching cold. How to choose a sports towel?
As the name implies, the sports towel was used for sports, so we must choose the towel of sports brand to meet the demand. First of all, the sports towel is large enough, which is certainly the most convenient to use. At the same time, its material is soft and absorbent, and the large logo on the towel is also very eye-catching. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to carry when playing football. There is a leader there!
If you don’t want to pursue a brand, you should honestly choose a cotton towel with strong water absorption function, which can completely wipe the sweat off your body. According to the keyword “super absorbent”, we have searched out two towels with particularly good sales and evaluation and recommended them to you. I believe you will feel magical after reading the introduction. With such towel in hand, it doesn’t matter how much sweat you sweat on the court!
I don’t know. Now even towels can be customized! I can make you any design you want, fashion brand? no problem! Funny pictures? no problem! If you are a football star or a loyal fan of a club, you can also DIY their pictures on the towel. Is this very personalized? The towel is still a functional towel, but the pattern is the only part of the entire stadium!
Three different types of towels, no matter which one you have to buy!

How to choose a sports towel? Light weight, perspiration, quick drying and portability are important

Do you really want to wipe your sweat off with a comfy towel after a workout at the gym? However, you may encounter the following problems.
1. This towel is comfortable, but it’s too thick. When I work out at the gym, I don’t know where to put it. Although the gym looks clean, it’s really not safe to keep it in one place, and you can’t always walk around with a big bag. I feel very depressed.

2. It’s easy to say that there’s nowhere to put the towel. If it really doesn’t work, then hang it around your neck. But then again, it’s actually inconvenient to have such a thick towel in your gym bag because it’s so big and takes up so much space.

3. This is probably the most troublesome situation. When I got home from the gym, I forgot my towel because of something. Towels can get nasty in one night, and this cleaning-obsessed little guy immediately hates his towels.

I don’t want it now. I don’t think it can be washed any more, can it?
So here’s the problem… ? What kind of towel do you want? Comfortable? Is it breathable? Or light?

If it were me, I think this towel would at least absorb sweat easily. After all, we need practical, usable towels, not decorations. Although some towels are thick, they do not absorb sweat very well. Even if they are placed in the most perspiring areas, they are poor at absorbing sweat.
Therefore, I personally believe that the ability to absorb sweat should be the first. In addition to absorbing sweat and draining all the water from the towel, I also wanted the towel to be extra thin.

So, how thin is the most appropriate? Honestly, I can’t wait to put it in my pants pocket. Well, however, a small towel in my pants pocket might not be pretty. So lower the bar and strap it around my wrist. It’s important to note here that I’m not talking about wrist towels. They are too small to wipe off sweat, but not to use in the shower.
Then we will discuss the last issue, namely its breathability and quick drying. No, comfort is important, too.

Six simple tips on how to choose a good towel
Towels are an essential item in the home. They are often in close contact with human skin and are closely related to health. A good towel, soft as a cloud, can relax the body and mind the moment it touches the skin.

So how do you choose a good towel?
Look at the appearance
A good towel is soft and bright. Whether it is printed or plain towel, as long as the material is exquisite and the workmanship is perfect, the color will be bright, and the pattern is printed clearly, the hair circle is flat, the seam is neat, and the texture is very simple at a glance.
Also look at the transmittance. You can look at the towels in the light. Towel fabric with good quality has high density and low light transmittance.

A good towel is fluffy and soft. Elastic in the hand, soft and comfortable on the face but not greasy. Great is caused by excessive addition of softener, which not only affects water absorption, but also is not conducive to health.

Good towels don’t smell. If you can smell candles or ammonia, it means there’s too much softener in your towel; If there is a sour taste, the PH value may exceed the standard; If there is a pungent odor, the use of a color fixing agent containing formaldehyde, has been separated from some formaldehyde. These substances are harmful to human health and cannot be purchased.

Drop test
A good towel absorbs water well. It drips on it and it seeps in very quickly. A good towel can quickly absorb moisture from the surface of the skin when it touches the skin. In the cold winter, strong water absorption ability, let you no longer afraid of bathing and wiping down the body.
Poor towels, on the other hand, form impermeable droplets. The reason for not absorbing water is that manufacturers use poor quality cotton yarn in order to reduce costs. This kind of cotton yarn will greatly affect the feel, so the manufacturer will add lubricant to improve the feel, so that the water absorption rate of the towel will be greatly reduced.

Colour fastness to water immersion
High quality towels usually use reactive dyes. When dyeing a dark towel, a large amount of hydrolyzed dye is adsorbed on the fiber, which is not easy to clean, so there will be a slight decolorization in the first wash.
However, it should be noted that if the light towel fades too much the first time, or the dark towel still fades after multiple washes, the dye is not qualified and should be discarded decisively.

Choose the brand
Any product choice, should choose the strength of the brand to buy products. If you think the above method is more troublesome, you can choose the towel of the regular brand company. The brand company gives us the best quality guarantee.

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