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How to choose a sports towel? It’s important to look at these

After you train in the gym, do you really want to wipe your sweat with a comfortable towel. However, you may encounter the following problems.
1. The towel is very comfortable, but it is too thick. I don’t know where to put it when I exercise in the gym. Although the gym looks very clean, it’s really not safe to leave it in one place, and you can’t always carry a big bag around. I feel really upset.

2. It’s easy to say that there is no place to lay down the towel. If it is really not feasible, it should be hung around your neck. But then again, putting such a thick towel in the gym bag is actually very inconvenient, because it is too large and takes up too much space.

3. This may be the most troublesome situation. After going home from fitness, the towel forgot to be taken out because of some things. The towel will taste bad in just one night, and the little fellow who is obsessed with cleanliness immediately dislikes his towel.

I don’t want it in a moment. I don’t think it can be cleaned any more, can I?
So here comes the question…? What kind of towel do you want? Comfortable? Or breathable? Or lightweight?
If it’s me, I think this towel can at least absorb sweat easily. After all, we need a towel that is practical and easy to use, not a decoration. Although some towels are very thick, the effect of absorbing sweat is not good. Even if you put them in the place where you sweat most, the ability of absorbing sweat is still poor.
Therefore, I personally think the ability to absorb sweat should come first. In addition to sweat absorption, after draining all the water on the towel, I also hope that this towel can become particularly thin.
So, to what extent is thinness the most appropriate? To tell you the truth, I can’t wait to put it in my pants pocket. Hmm, however, it may not be beautiful to put a small towel in my pants pocket. So lower the requirement and tie it to my wrist. What should be noted here is that I am not talking about wrist towels. They are too small and can wipe sweat, but they cannot be used in a shower.

How do I count a good towel
Parameter 1
Fiber type
All fabrics are made of fibers, which can be classified as man-made or natural.
Man-made fibers are mainly polyester and acrylic fibers, which do not absorb water and may produce static electricity. The only ones selling for a few bucks online are rayon towels. In general, they are like rags. The towels in the washing shop are made of artificial fibres.
For human use, it is best to use natural fibers. The most popular natural fibers are cotton and bamboo. Bamboo towels absorb water quickly and dry quickly. However, it is cold to the touch and very absorbent. It is generally recommended that exercise towels choose bamboo fiber, such as wiping face, wiping hands, taking a bath and so on. They are higher to bibulous requirement, had better choose cotton fiber.
Cotton fiber depends on the length of the fiber, which is the quality of the raw cotton. The longer the cotton fiber, the harder it is to shed, the softer it is and the more absorbent it is. If you don’t need money, you can buy “long staple cotton”. Whether it is Xinjiang long staple cotton or horse long staple cotton, as long as the “long staple cotton” two words, you can buy.

Parameter 2
Branch of quantity
The count refers to the thickness of the thread used for weaving. The higher the count, the thinner the line. High-count towels are softer — softer, depending on whether you need them or not.
“Just like the towels we use in the shower, they can’t be too soft or they won’t get mud.” Bath towel is usually about 15 yuan.
To adult commonly used towel, had better choose 30 or so. The price of this towel is not high, but it is soft enough.
Children have delicate skin and usually use about 40 towels. The towel is soft and feels like medical gauze. But the disadvantage of too fine yarn is that it is not durable. After some time, the towel will harden and even the fibers will break.
Due to frequent cleaning, sports towels are generally used at around 20.

Parameter 3
Dyeing and printing process
The cloth of TOWEL can be divided into two kinds of weaving and dyeing first. You can also see the difference in the name. The impact of these two processes on towels is as follows:
1. The dyeing process will have a certain impact on the fiber. Weaving before dyeing will reduce the impact on the fibers. However, the dyeing process before weaving causes the fibers to become uneven.
2. It is difficult to dye the towel after weaving, so it can only be made into solid color. It doesn’t matter if you dye before you weave. It’s just that you weave different colored fibers into the cloth according to predetermined rules. As a result, dyed and knitted towels can be made in a variety of shapes and colors.
3. When weaving before dyeing, the dye penetration effect is poor. Therefore, the towel does not fade easily.
To put it bluntly, it’s better to knit and then dye, but it’s uglier. It is best to dye before weaving, but it is easy to fade and lose hair, and its life is short. Of course, it depends on the price. Towels worth nearly 100 yuan are usually dyed before being woven. Thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship and quality control, it has two characteristics: it looks good and it is easy to use.

The towels on the market are generally of poor quality. Consumers need to pay special attention to the following problems when buying towels:
1, when buying to see the label, such as product name, executive standards, fiber content, etc.;
2. We should choose towels with soft feel, fluffy elasticity, clear pattern, uniform roughness and no odor.
3. When purchasing and using towels, you can also do some quality identification, such as dripping water on new towels. If it can be absorbed quickly, it means that the towel is good at absorbing water. Quality towels have elasticity and friction when used, and will not fade in water.
4, the need to remind consumers is that in the process of using towels, we must avoid a towel multi-purpose, do not break do not change the phenomenon, pay attention to hygiene, often replace.

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