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The life scene depicted by the poet truly reflects people’s longing for a beautiful life accompanied by beautiful scenery. Today, people living in reinforced concrete forests, the most luxurious dream of living is undoubtedly to be close to nature and enjoy leisurely. Fresh greenery and natural floral fragrance not only purify the dirty air, but also a moment of tranquility in the soul.

The park can take you away from the scorching heat of midsummer, can block the sand and dust raging in spring and autumn for you, can avoid the cold of severe winter, and can keep you away from the heavy PM2.5 throughout the year. Of course, the changes the park brings to life are much more than that. If you have a home near the park, maybe on the balcony, or in front of the window, you can enjoy the infinitely beautiful scenery; if you want to be closer to the beauty, feel the natural scenery of the towering trees and green grass, then Walk out of the house, “move” the park, feel the comfort of life, enjoy the ecological oxygen in the park sports, all ages, happy family life, the elderly at home help each other walk on the trail, the children roll happily on the grass, benches Sitting with a gentle mother, a beautiful figure is jogging… Life in the park is so contented. And such a thing, although it is a pleasant thing to take a walk in the park every day.

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