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In 2015, the textile industry should pay attention to six major issues

Under the new normal, this year, the textile industry has shown new characteristics. First, the growth rate is medium and high, and the growth rate of various operating indicators such as production, export, investment, domestic sales, and profit has slowed compared with previous years. Since June, the previous month-by-month rebound trend has ended, and it has shown a more obvious deceleration in the second half of this year. The trend is that while the economic growth rate of the industry is slowing down year by year, it is still facing greater pressure to further promote the transformation and upgrading. The second is the contradiction, difficulties and challenges. The domestic cotton market is complicated, the domestic demand market growth has slowed down significantly, the overall cost continues to rise, and international competition is becoming more fierce. A series of serious challenges still need to be resolved. The industry itself is in raw materials, production capacity, layout , The internal structural contradictions of enterprises and organizations also need to be resolved urgently.

From the perspective of the whole year, the domestic and foreign macro-environment is basically stable, and the market fundamentals have not deteriorated significantly. The country’s macro-control policies related to stable growth, structural adjustment, benefiting people’s livelihood, and preventing risks are generally beneficial to the industry. However, if the textile industry continues to maintain a stable operation, it is still necessary to effectively resolve various risk contradictions, and accelerating its own transformation and upgrading is still a fundamental development task.

The various external risks and internal contradictions faced by the textile industry in the development have put forward specific directions and mission requirements for the industry to accelerate its transformation and upgrading. The issues that need to be focused on in the current industry are mainly manifested in the following six aspects.

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