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How to solve the problems of yarn turning, whiteness, and contrast in brush printing

The current digital printing technology is good. Compared with traditional printing, the advantages of digital printing are more obvious. For example, the performance is more obvious, there is no need for plate making and printing speed. Traditional printing requires plate-making, so the cost of proofing in the early stage will be relatively high, so the number of orders is also more suitable for higher orders. Digital printing will not have these problems, but nowadays digital printing has encountered a bottleneck under the trend of broken development, that is the penetration problem.

Therefore, penetrating digital printing can effectively solve the three major problems of yarn turning, whiteness, and contrast.

Turning the yarn, that is, whitening, the fabric will appear white when the fabric is rubbed slightly, especially some plush textiles, and some clothes made by thermal transfer will not reveal the white needlework under the external force, which is beautiful. And the quality of the product has been significantly improved.

Lu Bai, this is actually the ordinary printing reverse touching or pulling by hand, the fabric will be exposed to the white background that has not been printed with color on the inside, and the penetrating thermal transfer has super penetration ability, which can penetrate the inside of the fabric for printing and dyeing. The ink has penetrated into the fabric, even if it is pulled hard, no white fabric will be exposed, thus solving the problem of whiteness.

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